Natural colour

Written by Moumita Adhikary

Natural colour can be prepared from Palash flower.


Following are the steps: –

i.Freshly plucked Palash flower are sundried.

Image: Palash flower left to air dry.

ii.Calyx is removed from dried Palash flower. Dried petals are converted to a dry paste of small particles.

Image: Few day after in bright sun.

iii.Dried paste when mixed in water looks colourful.

Image: Flaky Palash petal dry crush.

iv.Mixing in water yields colourful water.

Image: Colourful water; colour varies with amount of mixture and temperature of water, whether boiled with colour or not.

Usage: a) Can be used as a Natural food colour without preservative ready to cook.

b)Used as herbal colour during festival like Holi, etc.


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