Concerns of women from small places

i.They are often taken granted by men and/or city girls.

ii.Small town women often goes out in search of work possibly to places, often condemned to failure to find work due to distant Native and/or lack of permanent accommodation in city.

iii.Growth for women from small places are limited with respect to city girls, married women and/or men given their constant fight to sustain in a job rather than excellence in a job.

iv.Small town women are often appreciated possibly for an arranged marriage rather a payhike or career growth.

v.Women from small places often fall prey of getting used up in relationships with broken promises of marriage.

vi.Liberal thoughts of rural women and/or small town women faces lots of difficulties often instead of ease for other women.

vii.Becoming financially independent and it’s sustainability is often prohibited to dominate women empowerment or growth.

viii.Emerging India and other developing countries are modern enough but often fall prey of gender discrimination, character judgement every now and then, etc by some people which is a menace need to be curbed.

ix.Physical and mental harassments,etc are often attempts for compulsions to stop career and personal growth for women specifically from small places.

x.A persistent modern day trouble is men and sometimes women too travel to home/Native of women from small places, return to city,etc and forget small town/places women. This often ruins/affects rest of the life/lives for small places women. This is a very sensitive issue.

Please let us understand aspirations initially even if there is a failure to talk to a woman from small places pursuing/pursued education/higher education. Getting married off after quite some education or developed skillset, etc with discontinuity from professional life and/goals, often to maintain social status is not an option for a progressive Nation. Please let us respect every individual and their aspirations.

May every little help add value.

Yours truly,

Moumita Adhikary.


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