A walk to heal

It is a different morning post I survived a second gang rape attempt on me near St. No.1B, R-site, Chittaranjan nearby yellow water tank. That bad incident was a dark evening in civilization of my hometown Chittaranjan by 10th Feb. ’17, Valentine’s week. I was walking way back to home alone from gym that evening.A terrible verbal abuse it was, almost encircled by attacker yet thank God, I could escape.
Days had passed by. Trauma of a ployed rape attempt, threats and anticipation of further ployed danger boils on my head. I can’t catch those ten attackers and their three bikes visible, all I know is they were outsiders and were sent by there to rape me. Anyways, I needed to heal. Yoga and meditation would nullify in next few hour in a day post that incident. Silent meditation was calming. Chirping birds made me happy. Today morning, I woke up and walked alone. I visited that location of that incident, I roamed around that whole place possibly for the first time. Oh My God – this was beautiful Nature I have seen recently. Otherwise, every time I used to walk hurriedly by the road to gym mostly and not go inside the jungle side-by. Serene scenery filled my heart. Could not resist to click photographs. I find no joy remembering or discussing about this sad incident, all I hope I heal well soonest. It  is a different delight to share these beautiful pictures with you. It is a different joy towards positive healing.

Picture: Nearby that yellow water tank.


Picture: Lotus pond.

May God bless.
Happy time.

By Moumita Adhikary.


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