Addiction wastes

Written by Moumita Adhikary.

I found things scattered by the roadside and inside jungle on my morning walk today. I feel bad. I think evidences I saw depicts a married woman(possibly a domestic help) is raped by some outsiders in town in last few day in this week, I just hope I am wrong.
My apologies for I could not help and blog this from real world.

On a morning walk alone to heal today to a location where I was attempted rape on last Valentine’s week in 2017 and some places around and linked roads, I found too many i.emptied beer cans – brands not available in local liquor shops like Budweiser ii.emptied cigarette packets with brands not available in market of entire district like ‘Total’ iii.Improperly disposed liquid medicine bottle side-by main road iv.Tablets of unknown medicine names with expired date disposed improperly as a whole tablet v.plastics, etc. A mark on Government road of initial of a stranger man I had been newly acquainted to found still there nearby over month till now. That depicts direct connection to that one with a rape attempt as nobody else in town used to know him till he reached there spying me since long back, neither have I introduced them to anyone here in my hometown(a small industrial town with no IT organisations) nor I am in touch with them directly. Once I thought I could be a change to lead help clean Government roads from privately painted stains however that have not helped yet, today I blog too on the same.

It is sad that when dustbins are around, some of mankind still throw out wastes in open instead of proper disposals. Outsiders require to be behaved.

Some of the photographs of addiction wastes follows : –


Image: Chittaranjan, Cl. Singh’s park, 28th April 2017, Clicked emptied Budweiser cans.


Image: Emptied Tuborg beer bottle with torn cloth.


Image: Manually broken emptied beer bottle.


Image: Sharp cut beer bottle head broken manually.


Image: Plastic disposed in open, scattered amidst jungle.


Image: TOTAL cigarette emptied packet nearby trail in jungle.


Image: Coral bangle(‘Pola’ in Bengali) that is traditionally worn by married Bengali women found in jungle nearby.


Image: Unemptied liquid unknown chemical bottle found nearby main road.


Image: Improperly thrown away unknown tablets in the jungle.


Image: Thrown away plastic carry bag of finished fresh food(curry) found on nearby mountain side.

Shared concerns.

Action plan: Non-biodegradable wastes need to be disposed properly in dustbins.


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