Words to heal

They say one gets to know people in bad times.

Now that I am attempted murder once, rape twice, threats and anticipated further consequences and I understand reality differently.

After these string of social hazards, some cheesy men and women I had known never came up to see me, never called me up, in short never cared.
Some are sudden attention seekers trying hard to divert reality crisis to themselves or else. Some are straight forward to ask me directly to not to reach out to their parents, home, etc. Some found this another way to delay work related while some stays aware of reality.

Harsh words, bad behaviour, non-co-operation,etc have become more frequent to me which sounds inhumane.

Oppression from people with huge money to anyone like me distressed, jobless, money-less, incurred huge personal and professional losses is an ugly truth of present day.
Supression to empower women with manpower and dark strengths is an urgent concern today.

Jilted men(outsiders) with lots of black money gone wild to curb fairer sex almost anyhow anywhere anytime. This was a mess around Valentine’s week,day in 2017. They thought of creating lasting impression though harmful instead of acceptance to failure of a budding well relationship or harmonrespect woman, keen to ruin a woman’s career, love life, social, home, others and constant food deprivation, failure to . They have different ways to nourish grudge against me, a reason to invade Bengal in the meantime. They are allergic to my w.b. mobile nbr, facebook, well-being, etc. Too much jealous men about whatever I like viz. travel, happiness, etc. Keen to dominate me through a forced arranged wedding of mine despite my several time declaration of not getting into any arranged marriage when it comes to me. Needs to be curbed asap.
Coming to character judging, if such men were gentlemen then they would not try to be desperate to make me a housewife(without eearning) in their close colleague circuit only to slave me,etc.
They have got real criminal intentions as they come nearby me through spying mostly from far away places, chooses to not stay in touch directly and commit crimes viz. murder attempt, rape attempt even on a Valentine’s week, ruin my career – visited Cognizant SEZ without consent and created nuisance, till now I am unemployed for manual disturbances,etc; proven fraud and abuse.

In case, you do not know my acquaintances and I have not introduced you to any such person, please be responsible for getting in touch with any such person.

Please let us understand to not to harm anyone.

Thank God for goodness received.

Healing has various forms. One was writing up my mind. While I could not share this, I do share this to bring up reality.

Happy time!


By Moumita Adhikary


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