Any chunce for no-sexual harassment policy on mountain trails and related?

By Moumita Adhikary

Mountains are beautiful. Some of us are somehow lucky to go to the mountains. Some went to the mountains.

Mostly a holiday/vacation/sabbatical to the mountains or even everyday life is full of harmony. Beautiful landscapes all over.

Mountains can be dangerous.

Please let us accept most of the people who go to the mountains are not accompanied by their mate/partner hence suffer sexual deprivation. Some people do not have any spouse, a beloved or anyone of that sort. Some people tend to commit crimes viz. sexual harassment including i.eve teasing, ii.tease, iii.abuse – verbal, non-verbal,etc  iv.fraudulent approach v.Rape, murder attempt to occurrences vi.threats vii.theft viii.spying,etc to women or even say for men too – be local or anyone who came from far away and/or others.

To mess up one’s life or say death in and/or after end of one’s mountain holiday or stay, or say on a different trip of the same person, or at home or work, etc without one’s direct knowledge is a serious prime crime and a growing everyday concern that requires to be curbed if at all.

People from city pents are often misunderstood by people at the hilly areas for their intentions unknown often however, the concern is actually about bad/harmful intentions to anyone.

For example, anyone who goes to a prepaid mountain holiday package or say a trek/expedition to the mountains can be little different traveller normally comes back with beautiful memories to enhance life. Trekkers or mountain travellers or dwellers are often known to connect with each other in person, or through travel companion reconnect platforms in virtual or in real.

Inclusion of policies to travel companies to mountain or others are required significantly as well.

Wonder what helps to understand necessity of direct communication. Also punishment for abuse and prevention further required urgent.

To understand where I or say anyone travelled/went/travels/goes alone.

A travel buddy can be your buddy once introduced by a traveller concerned and related.

All I mean to say is no room for nuisance and miscreants.

Take care.

Happy time!


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