Know sexual harassment woo in the town of Chittaranjan

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SJ initial found for Soumojyoti Mitra on Govt. street between St. No.1D to 1B,Chittaranjan,50m away from where I was attempted rape second time,by 10th Feb. '2017

Image: A street painting in on the Government road between St. No. 1D towards St. No. 1B, R-Site, Chittaranjan nearby yellow water tank. ‘SJ’ initial found marked on road for Soumojyoti Mitra[Indiahikes insiders call him SJ, home at Uttarpara, works/worked with Indiahikes].

Writing to you with respect to I was attempted rape, latest on Valentine’s week in 2017, at Chittaranjan, first one on 29th June 2014, return way from Roopkund trek to Kolkata via Kathgodam, Delhi. Soumojyoti Mitra’s name is associated to both crime attempts. I survived a murder attempt lately in Chittaranjan. I was attempted rape nearby yellow water tank on V-day week, 2017 while walking alone in early evening.

I am not in touch with Soumojyoti Mitra directly since last day of my Roopkund trek, way back in early morning on 29th June 2014 when I left base camp at Lohajung for Roopkund trek with Indiahikes shared transport. Soumojyoti had asked for my mobile number too apart from formalities(Medical NOC form) however never got in touch with me directly instead of the fact that he had my mobile number. He had my home address, a stamp in the medical NOC from K.G. Hospital which he misused personally I guess for his misdeeds to trouble me.

Soumojyoti Mitra is seen or known to visit Chittaranjan quite a number of times and ride black bike locally but he chose not to talk to me or get in touch with me directly.

Personally, I had seen him last on 1st February, Saraswati puja evening, at Sunday club ground crowd alone in black clothes all over and scanning around through his eyes. He disappeared soon he saw I was gazing at him.

I had never invited Soumojyoti Mitra to Chittaranjan; or say Kolkata(where I stayed then) in 2014. I was on a prepaid trek package on Roopkund trek and was a trekker with Indiahikes and the trek actually ended on 29th June 2014. I had/have never asked anyone in Chittaranjan or outside to take care of Soumojyoti or his whatsoever needs as my guest or anything of the sort. I had/have never introduced Soumojyoti Mitra to anyone in Chittaranjan until this mishap of rape attempt and related concerns. I tried hard to solve this issue by not taking names however it never helped.

Hence, though I am not sure, there are more chunces that Soumojyoti Mitra spies me a lot since then, bullies me, involved around death losses in my family, in my quitting job at Cognizant Technologies Solutions at Kolkata as he visited Unitech office SEZ without my permission/consent, actively involved for my unemployment till date – 12th May 2017, involved in my two rape attempts and one murder attempt at D.V. Girls’s bus stop crossing in January 2017, etc. I am sure he has not done all these all alone.

In next ten day or so, by 10th Feb. ’17, I was attempted a gang rape. Thank God I survived. SJ’s name in involved in this nuisance.

To whom it may concern, in case any ex-Indiahikes employee, intern TL, others need to get in touch, please reach directly instead of reaching out to any other acquaintances of the concernned person say for example, me as and when required. Please do not entertain anyone however close or flexible as he/they or she may approach to Indiahikes to fetch information of a trekker say for example me or others.

I rechecked there are no no-sexual harassment policy at Indiahikes. I have asked them for the same recently.

Wonder what helps to understand necessity of direct communication. Also punishment for abuse and prevention further required urgent.

This has been a rising alarm. Chittaranjan is an industrial town and a protected area. Anticipated further related threats are growing concerns.

My ex-colleague with Syntel Ltd. Vasudev Poojari(home:Mumai,native:Mysore) himself was the prime rape attacker on road on 10th Feb. ’17.

Who provided food,shelter(bike too) to Vasudev Poojari even on 10th Feb. ’17, the evening Vasudev attempted me rape-murder on St. No.-1B?

  • Amit Ghosal aka Tumpi earlier Romiya Bose(Resides at her St. No.-1C,Rsite home,Chittaranjan). No restaurant served food to Vasudev Poojari in Chittaranjan as he had been a known criminal by then almost.[I was never invited to and had never visited Tumpi’s home and her family ever due to lack of such rapport].

Please be informed about reality pinches.

Stay alert. Stay safe. Safety of women is everyone’s responsibility.

May God bless.

By Moumita Adhikary.


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