Research on effectiveness on cost-effective scented aromatherapy

By Moumita Adhikary

Little survey on scented candles, herbal handpicks are not too pocket-friendly for everyone. While I felt a dire need to go for non-oil based aromatherapy on this hot summer Sunday, I went ahead with hypothetical mix and match for a short aromatherapy session.

Initial understanding from only learning and no practise in aromatherapy had transcended into rush of thoughts and quick fatigue and sadness.

A hypothetical brief session on aromatherapy may help.

Aim – To heal.

A short cost-effective non-oil based aromatherapy session requires of following things : –

i.A candle.

ii.Mild perfume.

Session ambience set up  – A cool dark room with silence, calm. No human disturbance and electronic gadgets vibration, radiations ensured.

Session description – A candle is lit up and a little scent is poured mild not too close to nose.

Activity – Meditation.

Follow-up activity – Yoga.

Inclusive of deep study for understanding of need and ability to perform meditation and yoga by a person undergoing an advanced aromatherapy session is important. Chosing particular scent or a combination of fragrances, etc is meant to vary with lots of understanding for the person involved in a session and research on the same.

How benefits can be obtained?

i.Effectiveness is significant provided withdrawal from negativity, disturbances, noises, etc.

ii.Restriction to receive shout, utter bad words, humiliate and practise the same.

May there be peace for all.

Happy day!

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