Seven year of crap at work

By Moumita Adhikary.

All characters, names, places and others in the story are fictitious, any resemblance with reality could be co-incidence.

Story composition with reference to entertainment purpose.

Later half in the year 2010


Reza is a few month old in a mid-sized organisation ABC firm. This was ethnic day of a peculiar sort when Reza clicked close together with her work pals in her office building. That picture looked hay but reality. The picture was sent across to folks in different country in the same office. Some eligible bachelors at onshore locations earning dollars were in screening mode in search of bride possibly as they always hate work with newer women employees way back in India in their office.  Men at onshore used to flirt over desk phone with Sandhya, Swati, etc to continue their onshore term period and hamper offshore productivity of obedient fresher working women.

Some of the fairer sex who joined work with Reza in ABC firm at the same time used to get hour long phone calls from eligible bachelors who were their onshore counterparts. Reza would get irritated at those girls every morning giggling over the phone and making body postures when they hold the phone receivers that showed  how much personal those calls were despite those discussions could have been known to the entire team.

Anyways, in short, Reza was known for not getting well with her onshore counterparts.


Reza had spent Diwali alone in the office floor working on production support.

Other days, Reza can’t forget Asit had mainframe passwords for almost all teamies and Reza anticipated that Asit used to login from home into mainframes into Reza’s and other’s accounts and would spoil work in mainframes and next morning at work, some of the teamies would get escalation emails from onshore folks all written either in bold or red or anything bad remarks. That’s in short how Asit managed a good rating alone at offshore and highest pay hike in the given year while all other offshore teamies got bad rating. Reza had kept mum for then though she knew password sharing is illegal as Asit was having a newborn baby boy then in his home and his wife was at unpaid leaves with high hospital bills of maternity of his wife. Asit used to shout loud and hamper work if raised voice even against his misdeeds to junior teamies.

(III)31st December 2010

It was a year end day at work. A fat project leader Asit of Reza took their whole team out for lunch out of his pocket to a nearby downtrodden small eatery with thutch walls and roof, that had a very small kitchen and capacity to feed objectively support, security, external staffs who usually preferred to not use IT employees office canteen. It was a meagre lunch of one curry and bread however, everything feels delicious for a hungry human. Asit was going to pay the lunch bill. Asit did almost all the talking while rest were busy eating their plates. Reza was used to this in past six month then, that Asit does almost all the talking and there is always a dire need to find a place possibly anywhere else as Asit made it always suffocating for almost entire team. Asit started in his usual voice full of taunts to depreciate team, Reza was his prime target during these maniac attacks of Asit as Reza and Asit had native homes closer way back in West Bengal and Orissa respectively. In a hot summer afternoon in Pune, Reza found Asit’s words too harsh that taunted as Reza was having food at lunch time with Asit and not at desk. This was baseless as Asit had invited for team lunch. Reza was disappointed, asked pardon to leave lunch in the middle and left for her desk all the way walked in tears.

After Asit and others reached desk after completing lunch, Asit threatened Reza almost silently as he used to sit next to Reza.

Asit was 7-8year work year ahead of Reza. So Reza made sure she asked for apology from Asit though she knew there was no fault of hers at the end of the day to save her career fall prey of Asit’s ill temper. However, Reza knew even asking apology was not help looking at Asit’s bad behaviour and anticipated future next.


Reza tried to call up Asit to wish on new year but failed. In next two month by February, Reza was fed up. Asit had made her work life distressed, few non-billable work would fill Reza’s day. Reza spent a doomed birthday at office that year, ate the cheapest meal in office canteen, no bash, no gift and a heart full of disappointment. Reza knew she was a poor worker when she munched small chocolates on her birthday at work that she had shared with her colleagues.

Anyways, Reza had grown fond of her team and work and had nurtured high hopes in work ahead still. However, Asit threw her out of that team to a work group to a known another Oriya native friend Upu of Asit’s. In a month, by March, Reza had seen her bad rating in year-end performance review at work that Asit had rated from Reza’s previous team. Reza was sad for she had not known such a bad scaling for herself. Asit had stinged his nourished grudge from 31st December 2010 lunch table to Reza’s performance rating and pay hike.

Vasudev worked from onshore location in Louisville, remained busy when he dated Bhakti on his birthday dinner with Bhakti in a lonesome restaurant on 15th May. Bhakti is a Bengalee woman with varied roots. Vasu had drove his manager Rama’s car that night to impress Bhakti. Vasu is known to have other sex partners in Louisville with who he used to stay over the weekends there, and known for have cheated women in downtown area. Vasu have beaten few men employees with ABC firm in Mumbai viz. Sachin out of work. Vasu have a little tilted nose as he was beaten up once by men long back for nuisances in Mumbai. Vasudev likes to glue with married women physically too. Vasu used to do Maths for every Dollar if it involved men in Louisville.

Meanwhile, Reza was deputed to another office for few month in Mumbai. Andheri was expensive in terms  in of Reza’s meagre salary. Mumbai was so not for anyone like Reza then. Reza used to stay in company guest house. Reza attended an office party nearby seashore where Vasu noticed her. Reza too had noticed Vasu specifically because four boys were dancing in a group separately in that boat party as if they were not with others in that boat. Reza’s colleague Mayuri looked hot in short skirt and nobody noticed Reza almost in that party.

Next day onwards, Vasu had started to hit on Mayuri along with a big bulk of colleagues including Reza over office outlook e-mails all non-work, mostly those would include quotes every morning, jokes, satire, etc. Vasu was an eligible bachelor just returned from US onshore work location, while displeasing to Vasu’s interest Mayuri’s wedding was fixed already to her boyfriend, a fresh passout then from India’s top B-school working in Mumbai. Vasu and Reza started to chat with each other over e-mails, almost 100 a day. Reza used to feel out of place apart from work in her work group due to Mayuri’s female appeal and Upu’s authority in her team, Vasu was in a different team. Vasu had chatted on e-mails, hangouts, etc with more than 25-30 working women mostly working on the same project while working with ABC firm apart from Reza. Most of those women employees were soon rated bad in project, had become out of that project, left working with ABC firm, had no next workplaces and a higher percentage of those women had become housewives.


There was a lot at work. Vasu had taken Mayuri in his team for work. Vasu and Reza stopped their usual e-mail chats, facebook too. Vasu and Swati used to chat like anything all non-work but they would say it work as they were teamies from different locations. Mayuri was married.

Reza spent days at work busy to put together shattered hopes for her good career path. However, she got another bad rating same as previous year at the end of 2012. This time Reza had earned appreciations and wide exposure but scored low. Reza could see around mediocre batchmates of hers at work even in her team who got higher rating as they managed to be management’s favourite pet even out of work say for example a few who played tennis in the morning with senior folks who involves in doing rating. A dire need was demanding enough to Reza for change in organisation.

Swati got married soon to her boyfriend, Reza didn’t know him as he was not in their office, she too had got a bad rating like Reza. Reza remembered  that Vasu had told once that he disliked Mayuri and had not attended her wedding hence.

Things were making Reza happy at her desk – appreciations, work done well, her possibility to work at onshore location soon in October 2012. Personally, Reza was happily single.

The year ended for Reza at her desk in Pune.


January did not treat Reza well as her name was missing in lottery for H1B Visa to fly to US onshore location. Reza had another job offer but she did not like the pay package in that offer. Reza was disheartened. Reza did some survey, all she could know the ones who were selected to go ahead for H1B Visa filing had 2year BPO work experience prior to working to this company unlike Reza. Reza couldn’t imagine her misfortune working at her same desk in Pune while some of her batchmates would work from US location soon and possibly would be at higher authority at work to send her day’s work. Upu discussed with Asit and Reza’s Visa was decided to not to be filed in that year from ABC firm. Reza left ABC firm in March 2013.

Reza started to work with DEF firm in Kolkata in some day. It was hard to relate to new people though it was Kolkata. However, Reza had learnt to accept reality that does not mean Reza made good colleagues with some of the working force she mingled with apart from mundane work.

Reza used to eat lunch with Rani, a Oriya girl who joined DEF firm on the same day when Reza did as lateral entry. It was Rani’s elder sister’s wedding at her home in Orissa, Rani had persuaded Reza and taken her to her home along with her fiancée Gaurav from North India. Rani fought and broke up with Gaurav on her sister’s wedding day over phone, Gaurav was staying little far at a place from Rani’s home while Reza was made to stay at her home, there were no guest room, hotel, etc for guests. Reza was little tired after she spent some time outside Rani’s home in the town travelling the place alone a day before the wedding day. Rani’s behaviour was weird, she would not offer food during lunch dinner time or make hay. On the wedding evening, Rani asked Gaurav and Reza to leave the ceremony location. It was a huge open buffet on the ground but Gaurav and Reza had not eaten anything or offered to eat there. Gaurav and Reza were surprised as they had never attended such a wedding before in their lives, they hurried to a transport hub nearby and sat on ground out of disappointment and sadness and left for Kolkata in next train. It was a hectic morning not unwinded to go to office directly after they reached Kolkata. Gaurav had cried a lot sitting at ground last evening as wedding card of Rani and Gaurav were already printed for their wedding at Gaurav’s home. Rani and her family had visited Gaurav’s home in North India twice for the purpose of their wedding talks.


Reza was attempted rape on her return way from a trek with PQR trek organisation in daytime in a busy road. Reza suspected things and people but was tired and thankful that she survived. In a day, Reza returned only to know her mother was severely ill and admitted to a distant L hospital in a different town, this L hospital had only three prime doctors, one of them was Oriya, a student of Hyderabad. Reza figured out some strangers from Mumbai she met in her last trek were Vasu’s family friends in next few days. Reza could remember that Vasu wanted to hangout with her out of office when she was working with ABC firm in Pune, Vasu wanted to meet her coming all the way from Mumbai to Pune, but Reza had refused to see Vasu then. Vasu had grudge on single independent women and wanted all women gets raped in Delhi or so as his facebook posts claimed. Reza remembered Vasu had proposed to her with a Hindi song line which meant those magical words of love in an unknown language apart from Hindi but that time she had found only that Vasu was a fan of the heroine picturised in that song in a Bollywood movie so Reza had not taken it personally. Moreover, chatting through office outlook e-mails with Vasu from desk were nothing personal for Reza as some of her teamies used to read and research on those e-mail chats and it was sort of fun at work that was stopped once to stop loss of productive hour at work.

It was tough but Reza managed to get Vasu’s phone number, a bit of research with few folks and few messages were sent through whatsapp and a few texts that showed some romantic interest of Reza in Vasu. Vasu had denied to get into any commitment with Reza personally that ended personal troubles for Reza and confirmed on Reza’s anticipation that Vasu was involved in her first rape attempt along with his family friends. Reza acted accordingly. Reza was not let eat lunch the afternoon she was attempted rape on her return way to Kolkata so Reza smelt Asit due to food deprivation. Reza smells Asit wherever and whenever there is food deprivation at least.

Reza’s mother had died in L hospital in 18day. It was a painful sudden death and Reza couldn’t bear the loss for she believed it was not a natural death and her mother was actually killed with ill treatment and undergoing severe medical processes without consent from patient party. Reza smelt Asit.

Few month hence, Asit came to Kolkata and asked Reza to meet hm in his brother’s flat. It was a posh flat worth at least 2Cr INR and so Reza decidedly did not stay in that flat for more than 15minute and went outside with Asit. Reza had come across a pretty fat married woman in that flat and a small kid apart from Asit there but nobody offered Reza hospitality in that house. Asit fed Reza only one samosa and Reza knew Asit had not changed and is still depriving her food and hence would be harmful for her career too. Asit asked Reza to not marry Vasu anytime. Reza thought Asit was done now by taking revenge of wedding proposal dissolution of Rani and Gaurav. Rani and Asit both are from powerful Oriya families in Orissa so possibly knows each other by native and helps at work. Reza had already known Asit’s visit must be for her bad so she had made some sweets for Asit on her own and given it to Asit. Reza didn’t feel bad when Asit asked her to not to marry Vasu. Reza would never allow Asit or anyone like him to interfere in her personal life too. Moreover, Vasu was not Reza’s boyfriend and Reza hated arranged marriages when it comes to her.


Asit, Vasu, Shweta, Soumojyoti, Chirag, Rani, etc were trouble for Reza at her office, they used to spy her even at her office SEZ and create internal troubles. Reza had quit job with DEF firm suddenly in March when her father was undergoing pacemaker transplant surgery.

Reza started to stay in a paying guest accommodation in Navi Mumbai when to find work, work and live there next. Reza never got a job there in her three month stay in that PG. She had some south Indian Pg-mates who she disliked a lot, those were fat ladies fighting round the clock for petty reasons, they spoiled Reza’s lugguage quite a number of times with sewage water overflowed from washroom, there was water crisis, they used to shut windows and door and would lit up smoke provoking mosquito coils inside room since evening till morning which was suffocating and Reza used to find places to breathe in to survive. Reza was on liquid diet for those 3-4month, hence was becoming weaker day by day, whenever she would sleep, her south Indian roomies viz. Sindhuja, etc would place knife nearby her neck, click pictures and share those on whatsapp to establish her terror in real. Reza used to keep her calm. Reza was desperate to find some paid work but she failed to earn. Vasu, Soumojyoti used to spy her all the while. Reza knew Sindhuja, etc were in touch with Vasu to trouble her. Life was bit different in real out of office anf social media platforms as Reza found Vasu together with married women Sangeeta, Mayuri. Reza could see the way Sangeeta hugged Vasu seated in his scooty in front of Reza. Reza could see there was not even an inch gap between Mayuri and Vasu when they would talk even in a busy evening railway station platform in Andheri from far. Vasu and his partners were not in talking terms with Reza. Vasu had threatened Reza last time they spoke over phone in later mid- 2014 to not to talk with Vasu and if Reza would call Vasu again he would call up police. Reza never called up Vasu again after that, only she was happy in satire that Vasu threatened her in the name of police though Vasu is a con man involved in drug peddling through his bartending racket, few yearly festivals hosted by foreigners and dealing with black money and having multiple women even married ones in his life.

Vasu used to bribe technical support staffs at ABC firm and would get access to hard drives of other employees on weekends or holidays that’s how Vasu managed to be a good employee. He never works on his own. Vasu used to do lunch in a rival company of ABC firm and would transfer information in both firms unofficially. He had partners in crime in such instances, his some friends at core in Mumbai.

Vasu was a part time worker too in a BPO firm along with being an employee at ABC firm so involved in telephonic harassment too.

Reza was hapless as she knew Vasu would not let her get job in Mumbai so she left Mumbai and went home.


Reza had joined gym in January 2016.

An entire year passed by. Reza tried a lot but did not get a job.

Vasu, Soumojyoti visited her town quite a number of times, both used to ride bikes on streets around her but would not talk to her, or any electronic, telephonic communication. Reza was pissed off. Vasu had unfriended Reza on facebook in 2014. Reza was die hard to not to entertain Vasu out of virtual world too and would not marry him at the cost of anything.

Chirag used to call Reza unendingly which Reza protested but he would call her forcefully, fetch her whereabouts and share informations with Soumojyoti without her consent. Few time Reza tried to call up Asit and some others in ABC firm, could talk only less than half a minute.

September 2016

Reza did not like Aparna danced in a Panchami evening function taking ‘Soumojyoti’’s name minute after accident in audience due to electrical fault adjacent to the stage nearby.

Romiya had danced after the same accident on that same evening as ‘Durga’, clad in a new red benarasi, dressed like a bride, and that dance piece had no cultural ethics, showed act of sexual harassment.

Reza was in audience that time and had got surprised, later she found Soumojyoti and Vasu visits Romya, Aparna’s house too often to bully Reza, even this finding is sort of investigation work done, as Romya, Aparna, etc have never come up to say anything about this to Reza.

Aparna used to take private tution from Reza at Reza’s home in 2008-2009 when she was in class 4. Aparna’s mother Romiya had entered Reza’s home one evening in 2008 with a bag full of books,copies,etc and asked Reza to teach Aparna for Rs.300/- a month, five day a week, 2hour session each. That day Aparna, Romiya were completely strangers to Reza. However, Reza had obliged to teach Aparna then. However, Reza had not been in touch or in talking terms with Aparna, Romiya since 2009.

January 2017

8th January

Amit had eve teased Reza. Amit was on his bike riding, another guy on his back seat. Reza was walking on the same street that Sunday evening to parlour on their opposite direction. Amit shouted loud on Reza to humiliate her. Reza knew Amit has gun and she did not so she hurriedly crost them.

Few day later

Reza was attempted murder(gunshot) on her way to gym.

Some days later

Reza was pissed off and asked for Amit’s apology for eve teasing her. Reza had conveyed this to Amit through her uncle. Unfortunately, her uncle visits Amit’s home frequently and Amit’s wife Romiya and daughter Aparna have a practised tendency to flirt with men visitors specially. Amit refused.

February 2017 was not far when a pre-planned gang rape attempt was done on Reza by Romiya with help of Vasu and some rented hooligans.

First five month in 2017

Reza is jobless still and knows well Asit has bad intentions to get Reza arranged married to Vasu and not let her work in any office. Asit was Reza’s recruiter in ABC firm so Reza is quite bound to talk to Asit for things. This year in Valentine’s week, Reza was attempted rape again nearby her home, Vasu and Soumojyoti directly involved. Both of those guys have managed to get help and men from a wicked woman in nearby locality obviously without Reza’s consent to make happen that gang rape attempt. Reza can’t forgive that wicked woman Romya still and that traumatic rape attempt. Reza was attempted murder(gunshot) in January. Vasu has a gun since 2010 or so. Reza used to give private tutuion for little more than a year to Romya’s elder daughter for a year when she was in her fourth grade in school for Rs. 300/- per month, five day a week, two hour tution hour each evening. Romya is the one woman who caters Soumojyoti, Vasu, etc at her own home, feeds them, let them stay there, provide bike, etc. Romya troubles Reza even after this bad incident, she is in touch with Reza’s family members, acquaintances and others, and cooks agony for her. Reza knew Soumojyoti worked with PQR trek company since she trekked last with them and met that guy there in 2014.

Reza is yet to come across any kind word from Asit, Soumojyoti, Romya and her elder daughter, Vasu, some more since her mother passed away in 2014. Reza’s mother’s jewelleries were found stolen soon after her mother’s death. There are proofs painted on street with name of Soumojyoti after Reza was attempted rape for the second time however no punishment yet those wicked ones have received.

Reza suspects few else who she suspected privately desired in their hearts that Reza gets raped. Alas! such a girl has a colourful name having seven colours.

Alpana, an unmarried woman in her fifties, a paid gym trainer has joined in bad deeds with Romya to trouble Reza everyday. Alpana shouts loud everyday inside and outside gym talking sexuality of Reza, about her bra and panty open and wide post her rape attempts hence involved in sexual harassment by tremendous verbal abuse, threatened Reza to beat her next in case she opens up her mouth, threatened Reza to trouble her as Alpana is a budding hooligan who misuses authority from nearby BDO office and police. How wonder that Alpana being a woman troubles and often gangs up too with viz. Shyamoli, etc to trouble Reza. Reza has almost stopped to hangout with Alpana still she is being tortured by Alpana. A thick percentage of women who die early than ripened age in the locality are Alpana’s acquaintances.

Vasu had stolen Reza’s bra, panty, filled pepper spray bottle, green wedges, steel glass, etc. Asit, Upendra involved too. Vasu, Asit, Upendra, SJ acquainted to another guy from Reza’s native’s locality who works in Pune – OHIO region and knows folks from ABC firm. This another guy’s mother Indrani is a gym-mate to Reza, that guy gets instructed, transcends to his mother and that’s how Reza is troubled continuedly. Indrani tries to be fair behaved though with Reza. Upendra is Asit’s crime partner since long, both have Orissa native. Upendra has low performance in ABC firm still travels onshore almost round the year for quite a number of years and have earned lots of Dollars and learnt the art of manipulation to get continued onshore roles by troubling other employees at ABC firm, former colleagues like Reza, other candidates, etc. Upendra had arranged wed a fresh B.Tech passout girl and made her a housewife, now a mother of one baby in few year of their wedding, she has never worked anywhere. Upendra is keen Reza does not gets to work again to save his previous bad deeds at ABC firm when he let Reza leave work there, Upendra has a weakness to stay at Louisville onshore location over years, Reza is not sure of reason for Upendra’s particularity of Louisville location for 5-6year or more possibly.

Reza is jobless hence it is easy to demotivate her for Alpana, Romya, Asit, Vasu, SJ, etc – some miscreants who joined hands to trouble Reza. Few prideful mother(new gym-mate of Reza) of sons who are fresh B.Tech passouts working in retail chains, earning 13lpa INR often uses bad words to demotivate Reza as she is jobless.

Soumojyoti is a gigolo, serves foreigner women trekkers in India. Reza had found this out with lots of efforts. When Reza trekked Roopkund, and Soumojyoti aka SJ was a trek co-ordinator posted at Roopkund in June 2014 with PQR trek organisation, SJ had made sure at the very first talk with Reza that she was a Bengali woman. SJ is also a Bengali guy. Reza have notions if Reza was not a Bengali, then SJ would have asked her for escort service at night. Last time when Reza trekked Stok Kangri, she found SJ spying her and troubling her all over in 2016 in and around Stok Kangri along with his different trek group probably with PQR trek organisation. Reza had seen from distance in the mountain, SJ was physically close to some foreigner women trekkers nearby him possibly with his group. SJ sells alcohol, etc under ‘Mitra’ umbrella in Stok Kangri mountain trails and heard to serve as gigolo to foreigner women trekkers in his group for cash and kinds, etc. SJ hunts for women in other trek groups too. Reza had found fun to get to know a gigolo’s activities so close yet so physically far. However, Soumojyoti had become a real pain to her since Reza trekked Roopkund. At the end of Roopkund trek, Soumojyoti had asked for favours at office from Reza as he is a Bengali, Reza had talked about Soumojyoti to few Bengali trekkers she knew in 2014 but then she found Soumojyoti was a trouble for Reza. Later, Soumojyoti have got directly involved in personal, professional losses of Reza and in both of her two rape attempts in 2014 and in 2017.

Reza does not like the vicious cycle that brings her miseries in life.

27th May 2017

Indrani had called up Reza last Saturday for an extra class in gym. Reza rushed to gym. Only 5-6 members had come including Alpana, Shyamoli. Reza was insulted, slut-shamed, abused with sexuality topic with harsh tone, bad words in the gym. Next day, Reza decicedly did not go to Ganga boat club with Alpana and her crew. However, that did not help Reza, very next day on Monday, on

29th May 2017

Alpana asked Reza to get out of the gym as if she is desperate to kill Reza very next moment if she would not, Reza could read her glances apart from words and rushes to and fro Reza inside all-over the gym space. Alpana tried to shift out of the gym few other girls from Bihar for specific disliking to Hindi native speakers.

Reza has notions this is related to nourished grudges for Reza and her locality to harm since August 2015 severe fights nearby in Alpana’s locality.

Reza has been thoroughly insulted, tremendously shout louded at for sexuality – again bra,panty stuffs, slut-shamed. Alpana threatened Reza. Asit, Upendra, Vasu, SJ, Romiya, Aparna, Amit provides fuel to bad tempers of anyone like Alpana to cater their mutual benefit-deriving objective out of Reza’s distress, rape attempts by still exploiting Reza and her interests. Reza had clearly shared objection in gym on last Saturday to not to abuse her and disturb her by talking sexuality but Alpana, Shyamoli decidedly troubles Reza again primely on Monday again on this. Shyamoli had slapped Reza’s one cheek on Saturday, Reza was stupid enough to remain confused if that was part of ganged up clear insult with Indrani, Alpana or a superstitious one as slap on only one cheek means no marriage for the girl. By the way, 30year ahead Reza never likes anyone slapping her. Saturday evening, gym started after quite a long five women members had reached awaited for Alpana. Romiya was seen on back seat of an unmarried man biking encircling those five women members sitting outside gym for quite a number of times staring at Reza, but Romiya and else on that red bike did not talk to Reza or anyone there. Reza can understand well it was a planned trouble for Reza on last Saturday in gym with Alpana and Romiya primely joined hands to save their evil deeds they keep committing more evil deeds only to trouble Reza but anyone else.

Okay! Not everything can be written.

Please help stop abuse, misbehaviour, torment and harassment.

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