Cracked heels to repair

By Moumita Adhikary

Human skin has seven layers.

Skin becomes dry due to lack of moisture, nourishment mostly due to previous rigorous liquid diet with marginal nutrition content in a day once for three-four month resulted into skin ailments, cracked heels is one of the sort. Dry skin died sooner and easily removable on scrubbing, left with thin layer of skin at different areas mostly at heels over year. Proper care has blessed with no bleeds on skin removal however, thin reddish coloured skin is painful. Standing on feet or to put pressure of even body weight on feet is painful. Walking pattern has lost normalcy. This is not normal feet sore but caused due to essential nutrients deficiency, loss of rest and cure.

Remedy: –

i)Skin repair medicine for affected areas.

ii)Essential nutrients though can be taken for a short time.

iii)Rest of feet. Stressful activity on affected areas to be avoided.

Avoidance of taking pain-killers are painful to bear actual pain due to skin ailments.

Wish there be happy feet.



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