Healed foot toe nail

By Moumita Adhikary.

Any resemblance of names in the content with reality are purely co-incidental.

That was late morning on 29th June 2014. Chandni Chowk streets had started to asphault due to heat in Delhi. I was standing with four other co-trekkers from Mumbai(Bharti, Sowmya, Abhishek, Poonam had come together for Roopkund trek) met as strangers almost a week ago in Roopkund when I had got a wound on my right feet, my thumb nail on right foot was removed from the skin as Sowmya stepped on my foot. I found this intentional, for I thought Sowmya had a crush on Abhishek however Abhishek was hitting on me. I still remember my luck that morning as Sowmya hit my nail and later Abhishek said bad words to me as I was little late to join them in a paratha eatery and could have no lunch on the table then and there hence. I wished to be under a shade however I was guiding those four on their request for street shopping in Chandni Chowk area; a freelance I wish I had not done. I had wore sandals and had tired legs post trekked Roopkund. Later I got to know Abhishek, Bharti were Vasudev’s old family friends. It was the same day when I was attempted rape first time on my way alone to my next transport to get back to Kolkata. I have always suspected Vasudev as prime culprit in my that rape attempt and have become confirmed on this with proofs and involvement of Vasu on my second rape attempt too on Valentine’s week in 2017 in 200m distance from my home. Wish for punishment of the guilty. Not digging too much, let me share, I have remembered Sowmya off course in bitter memories as soft flesh used to hurt and it was difficult to wear any covered shoes until I am blessed with a new nail on that thumb. One thing is for sure, if I had known by any chunce that they were Vasu’s(a womaniser, an ex-colleague of mine) friends then I would not have taken them with me however persuading they could have been possibly. The four used to be like glue as strangers post they hit my nail too, on whatsapp, phone, facebook,etc however, I have grown older with reality that some people leaves with professional losses and possibly personal too.

Anyways, Thank God for healing my nail wound.


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