Reality check

When I was asked to not use my phone,Facebook,whatsapp,social media,etc it sounded anti-social.Some of them do not mix up with me in real or meets me to threaten, abuse, etc to let me know they are avoiding me.Some are too tricky, they choose to not be present on social media, some chooses to not type comments to a post however keen to gang up bully me for a post – Oh My God – this has become terrible. Unfortunately, miscreants are initiators of such movement. Anyways, I don’t whatsapp today.I spoke up about my rape attempts and some were/are keen to stop me for different reasons. That’s sad.But I can’t help it. I still have audio recordings of tremendous verbal abuse in real in person specifically to me post I was attempted rape on Valentine’s week in 2017.

Stop abuse and harassment.


Can we really afford to not be present in virtual forever alive ?

Whoever, says/thinks/believes ‘Yes’ must be sick minds and have tend to be anti-social. I would suggest mental health check-ups for any such person.
May there be peace.


Yours sincerely,

Moumita Adhikary.


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