Seven day health self-monitoring report. May – June 2017.

By Moumita Adhikary.

Age – 30year.

Few pages from the health log of previous seven day when I have been not well.

May 29, 2017.

I was down with headache instantly  and acquired palpitationg heart on being shout-louded tremendously, and traumatic anxiety.

Earlier since I was attempted rape second time on Valentine’s week in 2017 when I was walking to home an early evening alone. I survived rape however have become stressed and have been undergoing different therapies and wellness practises to heal.


1st June 2017.



4th June 2017.

4th June 2017

Two things : –

i)Not able to listen/bear to even normal voices for long due to headache.

ii)Not able to come out of sudden anxiety received.

Study and general consultations have decided upon some more day of self-monitoring today.

Remedy : –

1.To avoid shout-loudness and anxiety generators.

2.To heal.

Self – declaration today : I do not wish to discuss further about my rape,murder attempts, abuse,etc related to avoid increased illness as I had opened up about my rape, murder attempts, attackers and related.

Please help.

Hope to get well soon.

Thank you.




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