Are we able to assimilate in goodness through meditation?

Written by Moumita Adhikary.

This is a tough reality between the difference of people who meditate and who does not meditate. Persons who meditate in proper ways are often able to attain closer to higher self and vibrate through the energies however, who does not meditate are people who possess lower forms of energy. Thus, a person who meditates and a person who does not meditate and actually at different form of energy levels hence often a person at higher energy level attained through meditation depletes through positive energy gap to connect with a person with lower energy level who does not meditate or focuses or concentrates.

It is dutiful and obvious of positive aura to deplete negative energy of people who does not meditate or possess lower energy level for co-existance of human beings in this one planet Earth. The sad part is one who meditates is often not able to enjoy all the benefits of higher energy level attained as he/she dissipates positive energy to other(s) to suffice.

There is necessity to understand importance of practise of meditation to purify soul(s), to attain higher energy level(s) and to soak in wellness of Yoga/meditation.


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