Do you know how I got/get along with you?

Written by Moumita Adhikary.

I feel sorry to express anything like this for I know this is not nice however, not all naturality is nice.

Have you ever realised how have you and me been interacting all over if at all?

Okay. I share some options : –

i)I talked to you first when I was alone, I mean nobody else accompanied me.

ii)Option i) continued if at all.

iii)You and me get to know each other in some common platforms e.g. gym, lawn, etc. for common goals to be present at that arena.


Hope there is less required to let you know the cut down of unnecessary intervention induced by you or others in anything by any pressure tactics like reaching out to my friends, family, etc to compel things, decisions, etc on me or simply to get to ease to trouble me.

It is always best practise to not to interact with other acquaintances, friends, colleagues, former colleagues, family, etc without consent and direct knowledge of an acquaintance.

Purpose: i)To avoid hassle. ii)To ease communication. iii)To solve conflict(s). Iv)’To live and let live’ as they say.


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