How am I today post my rape attempt on Valentine’s week in 2017?

Written by Moumita Adhikary.

Distressed and troubled. I have fallen ill, down with palpitating heart, still voice is soared high even at home to curb me down even by loss of health. Even if I sit back at home too, I am troubled. Attempts only to defend rape, murder attackers, suspected people involved in forced deaths of my mother, paternal aunt, etc, my career damage, personal losses, others.

It is crystal clear that bad influencers, miscreants and anyone associated are hoping for my early death next or anything of that sort.

Almost four month down the line since the rape attempt occurred on me in February second week, miscreants are not punished yet and are free birds, no question raised on them despite of initial symbol ‘SJ’ for Soumojyoti Mitra found clearly which still exists today in St. No. 1B.

Why not any other name or initial or symbol there instead of ‘SJ’? ‘SJ’ is not innocent.

Some of the defenders of the miscreants tried to make me consult psychologist to prove me mad to ease down big names associated to the crime and unfortunately, desperate to waste my life in sabotage.

Budding elderly politicians, or their male descendants,etc have become hopeful to make a political career out of my distress viz. my gym trainer, etc who threatens me often and has curbed my everyday life too.

In short, look around, who all died in recent and distant past. Who all incurred professional losses after such deaths? Who all are troubled? Reason for real. Let us not fancy by buying words of some opportunists.

I am born a girl child with visible and hidden truths.

Yes, I need help to curb those multiple miscreants at least.

May God bless.


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