I have been continuously troubled for using Facebook, W.B. SIM mobile number, etc since 2014 mostly by some former colleagues primarily from Syntel Ltd. I was attempted rape twice, murder attempt once since then, my mother died and her jewelleries stolen found after her death, my paternal aunt died, my job was lost due to uninvited visitors from Syntel Ltd. And Indiahikes at my the then office premises within Cognizant in Kolkata. I have changed my accommodations, travel company, living, friends, acquaintances for everyday randomly since them which did not help me. I have been continuously spied by Indiahikes guys in association with few dominant males from Syntel Ltd. Wherever I go, wherever I stay, I am often food deprived, ill treated and they mixes up with people in my vicinity of local stay and troubles me. I am unemployed due to these mess. I am fed to make those miscreants that I will not marry anyone in their vicinity and I do not like anyone of them approaching any of my acquaintances or the whole idea to trouble me. I suspect them for frequent deaths in my family and my losses. They have been keen to make me inactive and forcefully get me arranged married and this has been a long struggle for me everyday since I had gone to trek Roopkund with Indiahikes alone on an online prepaid trek package. I understand my limitations to fight big honchos, money involved by them, and their political affiliations. Recently torment has become rampant to defend any punishment for rape attempts on me as I had opened up about it. I was actually hapless when I was asked to not to sms, phone, etc which means a clear signal that my career is tarnished forcefully or at least strongly desired. Their misuse of power have/had made me be troubled by women too and yes, I am often not fortunate enough to be part of social gloss as I was attempted rape. Even if I sit back at home, I am troubled too, even I was questioned harshly on my parent’s wedding reason which was huge insult. This is no college and no anti-ragging committee hence however, off course lack of discipline and loss of social decorum. I have surely reasons of troubles in my present day locality too as they got mingled with those miscreants without my consent. All I can say is that I never introduced those miscreants to anyone except actual complaints. Telephonic harassment is a menace and I actually can’t handle it as most of the times I get calls from unknown numbers which are alarming and threatening and a lot. Some opportunists started calling me mad and tried to prove so as soon as my mother died, I have seen some people’s abrupt change in behaviour towards me soon my mother died, off course they have their own reasons for so. Even a distant relative died suddenly in January 2017.

I remember how it all had begun when con man Vasudev Poojari  from Syntel Ltd.had threatened me over the phone last time he had called me after blocking me on facebook to not use my phone(w.b. sim) and do facebook in 2014 soon after my mother’s death. I am not in direct contact with Vasudev since then. I was not in touch with Vasudev anytime actually despite of little interaction as I suspected Vasudev on my first rape attempt post Roopkund end, I had played little to catch Vasu’s crimes. Some of Vasu’s family friends viz. Bharti, Abhishek, Sowya met me as strangers in Roopkund. However, Vasu keeps troubling me every now and then with help of Indiahikes and some of Syntellers or ex-Syntellers, spies me and yes, involved in my professional and personal losses. Vasu chooses to not to talk to me but creates nuisance, involved in my second rape attempt too in Valentine’s week in 2017. Vasu gets help from Asit Satapathy in these bad deeds to harass me primarily. Vasudev wanted to hangout/date me once way back in 2011, which I refused. He was desperate to get me raped to tarnish me. Later when I started to ploy to catch Vasudev after I reached Kolkata in 2014 post my first rape attempt trying to show romantic interest in him through whatsapp messages, sms, etc he was keen to get into any commitment with me and compelled for arranged marriage. The day he shouted on me last over phone threatening me I stopped getting in touch with him but he is such a wild brat that he has caused so many troubles in life so far. I never invited him to my place anytime. They joined with Soumojyoti Mitra(‘SJ’) and easily ruined my life so far so downwards, they gets add ons as SJ is a Bong. I am not taking names who housed, served, provided bike, helped to commit crime Vasudev, SJ, etc in Chittaranjan. I had left my Navi Mumbai accommodation too as SJ,Vasu used to meet my pg owner without my consent and direct knowledge and used to spy me. Not to mention much about Kolkata things prior to that by SJ mostly, Asit’s unpleasant uninvited visit to Kolkata, etc.

I have experienced tremendous mental harassment since 2014 related to Vasudev Poojari,Asit and related.

Today, I am able to show up my vent. I am sure, Vasu, SJ, Asit and related can never do so as they have the very criminal tendency to make up well and trouble me in real life.

Almost 4 month since February 2017, no punishment yet for my rape attackers and related.

I wonder where do I am lead by after all this torments.

Wonder what helps however I thought I need to let this known. Off course, I have nothing much to say as I can see inaction against rape attackers though I had opened up.

I know I was born a girl child and that too a Bengali girl child.

As I fell ill in recent past I understood there is really few to take care however, thank God I am fine now.

Anyways, wish for peace.

By Moumita Adhikary.


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