Children do not respect their parents as much as they did in the past. This behaviour is now having a negative impact on society

Respect everyone. Behaviour towards anyone depends upon how he/she/they treats one. As they say ‘Give respect to get respect’.

With respect to past till present day, society has come along a long way. I am not in touch with children in any everyday interaction like teaching, home, etc today however, good education and acquired good manners by the time, adherence to discipline are bound to reflect in children’s behaviour given advancement of education for children.

In a family, upbringing and other members of the family are definitely responsible for impact on child’s behaviour.

Respect is one thing however, to bear oppression or to become submissive are not the one and the same in the name of respect. To decide on a thing is required to know truth at both sides so that the case is not like when children do not obey anything and everything probably against their wish and not in favour of anyone(mostly elders or dominating person) else is not considered as disrespect.

The entire idea is to respect everyone viz. children should respect their parents and vice versa. Apart from these, not anyone is supposed to be in bad company, pursue bad habits like teasing, addiction to drug like Heroin, cocaine, brown sugar, etc or high dose sedatives for old age diseases at early age.

There should be discipline in the family too. Harassment to a person, possession, natural resources, preserved ones, etc who probably are not part of family even is also necessary along with discipline within the family to maintain balance in the society.


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