Few people devote time to hobbies nowadays

A hobby is an activity one does apart from primary work in life. Hobby are of two types : – i)active and ii)passive.

In everyday life, people do not do anything mostly with a mind that this activity is a chosen hobby hence has to be performed often to pursue the hobby. Hence, a hobby is more about passion and liking to do anything.

For example, to play cricket is an active hobby for some people. When a hobby is a group activity, the number of occurrence is less and a great team spirit is required to pursue the hobby. However, an individual’s hobby can be to read story books which can be pursued often.

Devotion of time to hobby is variant depending upon the urge to pursue the hobby, availability of time, availability of props to pursue a hobby and so on.

Playing cricket helps to do physical activity, enhances gaming spirit while reading can be engaging and help to gather knowledge. Hobbies can be wide. Anything good to the society is definitely value add along with suit of own to make oneself happy.


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