It is important for foreigners to know something about the history and culture of the country they live in

Foreigners can live in another country apart from the native motherlands. Purpose of doing so are often travel, studies, work, home away from home, business, etc.

Mostly, such foreigner to a place is a different language speaker and of different food habits, from different background, people, history and culture.

To be aware of history of a country prior to visit that country for foreigners are important. Civilization has come a long way to present day with varied mostly buried past of a geographic location. Lessons on history reveals invasions, wars, rule of other country, people, race in a place. A place free today probably after lot of blood and sweat shed as known from history from foreign rule is sensitive about dominance of behaviour of foreigners during their stay in the free country or towards the people and place anytime.

For example, India is a developing country however, Indians mostly cannot tolerate misbehaviour and misconduct from anyone from Britain or say any other advanced Nation since India struggled for year to free the Nation in 1947.

Since the Earth is one planet and we understand the necessity to co-exist with peace on the planet, it is always a good practise to know and adapt to the culture of a Nation for doing trade and commerce, and/or to stay in a foreign land.

An old quote is ‘Indians perform before white skin’. This is sad as due to a quest to please foreigners, countrymen often tends to ignore own country people. Always to have a mind to not deprive and disrespect people of one’s own country to please foreigners and vice versa. For apt collaborative relationship(s), people from different countries has to respect each other and help to live in.

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