‘The older you get, life becomes more difficult’. Discussion.

Age is obvious for life. Human beings have minds unlike animals. At the early age, baby, toddler, kid, teen, children are taken care of normally by family, orphanage, etc.

By the time a child grows up to become an adult, responsibilities in life increases. Primary responsibility becomes to take care of one’s own needs as far as possible.

Factors like finance, health, family, people, maintenance of house, insurance, etc becomes primary concern. So basically life’s complexity is dependent upon commodity consumption. Stress, anxiety, loss of focus predominates basket of things to take care in life. In today’s world, a person often tends to take care of death insurance, funeral insurance, death wish, obituary write-up, etc too when alive.

For example, I am a middle aged woman at the age of thirty year today. My family consists of my father and me after my mother passed away in July 2014. One of my concerns have been that some people do not talk to me when they intend to talk to me instead talks to my father. My father and me are two different individuals. Hence, common sense is to recognise my father as him and me as me. It’s really disappointing when I am compelled to do things in a certain way say undue favour through sacrifice of my interests as my father is told about it by anyone instead of me as intended. This was same situations for my mother too in some cases when she was alive. I often get pissed off and things are mess in such cases.

I remember I really disliked a guy named Soumojyoti Mitra from Indiahikes who I met in a common forum with mutual interests say a trek ground who ended up digging into my hometown, Native language, etc in few minute next to meeting me first time for a trek reporting on 21st June in 2014 at Lohajung for Roopkund trek, India with Indiahikes. First thing, I had travelled tough to Lohajung from Kolkata alone for the online booked trek and in few minute after I reached Lohajung, I was asked at reception desk by Soumojyoti about my hometown who ignored who I was and where from I was coming from and that pin pricked my tired mind. In short, some people do not know why there are there like that guy did though he was a paid worker at the trek organisation Indiahikes intended for hiking. My first impression was he was a greedy guy with a panting tongue for Bong women as he is a Bong too hence was required to be avoided. 29th June 2014, it was a terrible day for me. I survived a rape attempt during daytime on 29th June ’14 in Delhi on my way alone to the airport after I sent off newly met stranger co-trekkers Bharti, Sowmya, Poonam, Abhishek for their home Mumbai at Delhi railway station, I had tried to reach out to my cousin for help but my phone was down with dead battery charge. Soon I reached Kolkata in late evening on 29th June 2014, I got to know from my father that my mother was admitted in hospital few day ago and hence we discussed almost nothing about the rape attempt I survived that day.

After the seven day trek was over, I am disappointed till date with him as I found him quite a number of times spying me anywhere and then never gets in touch with me. He have met some people from different walks of my life without my consent and direct knowledge and to my horror his name’s initial ‘SJ’ was found even around site of my second rape attempt on Valentine’s week in Chittaranjan in St. No. 1B. All I remember today about Roopkund and related to him is that he was not good at his job and did not provide hospitalibility to the trekkers in the entire trek, mostly was unable to keep synchronised others I say trek leader Chirag in his control. I remember Chirag was ill behaved and used to shout loud for almost nothing or petty things as he was the trek leader newly formed I knew and I would stay quiet and not fight with him much only to complete the trek. Alternate remedies like Yoga, meditation helped me stay calm and not fight back Chirag. At the end too, nobody was interested to listen to any trekker’s complaint and I still believe they much require complaint boxes to pay attention. I had almost let go Chirag’s complaints as he had said ‘Sorry’ to me for at least fifty times above the hills which made me little shy that a person said Sorry to me like so grand though I did not ask for. However, when I realised Chirag had made a habit to talk to me over phone and pass on informations about me after the trek was over to Soumojyoti I chose to disconnect with him. When I get spied, I complaint Indiahikes folks but they instructs me to do stuffs to Soumojyoti which I deny but yes, concerns needs to be taken care of. My professional losses I am concerned as these folks are too around the same. When I came back from Roopkund, my mother was already admitted in hospital and died in some day in hospital. After that two morw relatives passed away by now. I don’t hear condolences, empathy from those folks or they never visited me in grief but they spies me whenever and wherever hence I have sensed their activities as criminal minds in action and harmful people for me. I really dislike them or anyone mixing up with my people from my life specifically two powerful guys Vasudev Poojari(from Mysore, Karnataka), Asit Satapathy(from Orissa) from Syntel Ltd.(Seepz, Mumbai and Talwade, Pune respectively) and getting along taking my name and avoiding me hence have varied ways to trouble me.Not writing up their spilling over in Chittaranjan chapter around me to trouble me.

Chirag had shout louded on me in a morning at Patar Nachauni camp when I came back from an almost 100m acclimitisation walk alone. That time, our camp was side by camps of Indian army and Trek The Himalayas folks camps. Chirag claimed I would have asked him before going for the acclimitisation walk but I knew that was not true, he just wanted to be Macho amongst a huge crowd. I had cried out and then I went inside my tent and came out in next few minute but Yes, Chirag tried to be close to me though pretended to say Sorry after that. And I knew he was a wild brat to be managed for next few day till the trek is over and to focus to complete my trek to Roopkund for which I had went there.

Chirag was an unskilled trek leader intern who decidedly went to a rock fall area at far as 500m in Roopkund region with a few male trekker and got hurt due to rock fall. That was far from the group standing by at the other side of the hill so nobody could rescue them from rock fall and thankfully they came back alive and not severely injured. Anyways, we all prayed and hoped Chirag and those other few trekkers become fine and as we knew they were good in time.Mountains had brought little change in Chirag’s attitude which was sad. Only thing I liked that Chirag did not try to get close to my body when I helped him while we trekked downhill from Roopkund to the camp when he was hurt or anytime else. There were time when I realised Chirag was little boyish and yet to be a man and/or professional too with a bad temper often but was not that bad human being. Chirag was little younger to me.

After receiving ‘Sorry’ from Chirag for so many times I had decided to not to share my actual feedback for him at Indiahikes so that Chirag is not thrown away from his job. But Yes, I never wanted to be in touch with Chirag for I really disliked him for his misbehaviour mostly and the tendency to instruct me for he never realised I was a paid trekker and he was a paid employee at Indiahikes for Roopkund. I wondered how anyone like Chirag was on job as they never understood anything called customer service in the supply chain. I remember how the phone conversations used to be with Chirag post my Roopkund trek when I was in Kolkata then in the beginning. He would ask where I was, how long I would be there, if I missed to take a call he would again shout why I missed so and terribly repeat to talk about seven day in Roopkund as if there was nothing else in life but those seven ugly days I sensed as I would talk to Chirag anytime. I do not like people who do not behave well.

It’s not that my days in Roopkund trek was happy unfortunately mostly since mess in Patar Nachauni. However, Roopkund was too beautiful when I trekked there. I had never seen such wide spread lush green I found in Ali Bugyal and Bedini Bugyal, time when it felt I wished to go nowhere else but to stay there. Roopkund was all ice up the hill and lying down on the snow after I reached Roopkund was like another world like I wanted to stay there for a snow-clad mountain is all so beautiful, the pine trees were all white like I always had seen in pictures and videos, TV, etc. It was so damn beautiful. Walking amongst the forest in the early days in the trek felt great as it was my first jungle trek in the Himalayas.

We are real people. We talk of real problems and things instead of saying this or that when we still could be direct on the same. I have lost so much after my Roopkund trek in my life however, there’s a different joy to cherish beautiful Roopkund.


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