‘Provocative adverts have no place in a civilised society’ – Discussion.

‘Provocative adverts have no place in a civilised society’ – this is very mindfulness. Usually, people do react to acts mostly. However, to understand provocations intended to let the person provoked do anything unpleasant to further bring ruin to the person.

Today’s world is forward towards civilization. However, the low self esteem with mind to fight people in and around to please one’s own negative impulses are often tragic. This is often failure to understand that anyone around or far have their own space hence the tussle to fight for space or anything else are rebel without cause.

For example, I had come across once with negative remarks from male former colleague who was desperate to ruin my career to show that he can do what he says. Unfortunately, he went far and wide at work and non-work too and I am jobless today for more than two year since April 2015.

Or could I remember a month back recent trouble when my gym trainer Alpana(in her fifties probably) threatened me as she newly visits a nearby BDO office(a political institution) and believes she can manipulate things to trouble me. She shout louded so high and nasty(I have audio recording) that I got a palpitating heart then and there and had stopped going to gym since then.

I hate her as she had asked me why my parents had got married and I found this offensive as she insulted me in the whole crowd of the gym and who knows where else. Wonder at her dare she tried to reach out to my relatives on this.

While I still expect an apology from Alpana but by the time she has become a menace and is in no mood to apologise and get me back at gym for she knows if she doesn’t call me I won’t go to gym and that’s how she wants to prove her rule.

In this case, provocative advert was last time she pushed me threatening me what I could do if she shouts and asks me to leave the gym apart from asking her to not to do so. This was clear indication she wanted to fight against me and I would not like to waste my energy on the same.

May 29th 2017, Indrani had called me up for an extra-class in gym on Saturday, Shyamoli slapped me on my right cheek, next Alpana mentally tortured me too much Saturday and next Monday on 31st June 2017. Alpana took the gym women to Ganga boat club on 30th June 2017, Sunday and obviously did not even ask me to join them. Alpana, Shyamoli kept shouting about my sexuality – bra, panty though I tried to stop them hence I could smell Alpana is in touch with Vasudev,Soumojyoti or Syntel folks as I had mentioned to Syntel folks post my rape attempt latest that Vasu had stolen my bra,panty, green wedges, pepper spray bottle, steel glass, etc and it was a planned rape attempt done on me.

I had clearly mentioned that I used to go to gym to workout and was not ready to take any of Alpana’s political commands which made her angry with me. Hence, when I repeatedly asked her to not shout loud at me on 31st June ’17 she did not pay heed to that and thus I fell ill.

Alpana is an uncertified gym trainer.  I have become 51kg to 61.7Kg as checked a week ago after doing gym under Alpana’s training in between January 2016 till May 2017. I was overweight a week ago by almost 6.7Kg.

I suspect Alpana in my murder attempt in January 2017 as the two men who had come over to gunshot me were in Dhoti and Chadar, possibly of rural background probably in close vicinity of Alpana’s political connections. But I often think otherwise and you can say this is baseless doubt as I am alive and I do not have proof and witness on this.

I am pretty unsure of Alpana’s personal trip alone to Mysore in December 2016. I suspect her private connections with Vasudev Poojari(from Syntel Ltd.) and Indiahikes folks primarily Soumojyoti Mitra(from Uttarpara, Indiahikes, my suspect in deaths in my family, rape, murder attempt too by now) beyond my direct knowledge. If I am not wrong, Alpana sends in my information to them regularly. She had not shown any picture too to me or anyone else in gym from her Mysore trip. These were wild guesses till Alpana recently started to preach to not to contact me over phone to others in gym, to not use facebook, etc to others in gym too which is exactly similar like Vasudev Poojari did in 2014 to me.

Alpana violates her limits and tries to reach out to my family, relatives for petty things as we are in same gym unlike her behavioural pattern with other gym-mates. I dislike Alpana for this.  Alpana had never invited or taken me to her home and vice versa.

On 31st May 2017, Alpana mentioned in the gym that she won’t talk to me and started to preach so that others too follow her. This is again so damn 100% similar to Vasudev Poojari did to me since 2014.

In 2014, I had perceived Vasudev Poojari as a nascent politician trying to get in West Bengal exploiting me and today I am sure of that. But I am not his political prop to his utmost disappointment. Wearing branded clothes could never make Vasudev a gentleman.

Vasudev Poojari, Soumojyoti Mitra gets help and shelter, bike, etc from Mrs. Amit Ghosal’s aka Tumpi house in St. No. 1C in Chittaranjan. This happens without my direct knowledge. Through August 2015 till date, miscreants have ganged up to bully me, suspect them in 2015 fights too, Vasu got help from Tumpi to make the rape attempt on me happen on Valentine’s week in 2017. Miscreants have found a workaround to gel with Vasudev and Soumojyoti for industry connections with Syntel Ltd. And Indiahikes at the cost of exploitation of my career and any further assignment and/or work. Hence, even if they are not in touch with me directly, they get all the information almost about me from Aparna and Tumpi Ghosal. Latest Tumpi tried to reach out to Alpana too. Tumpi misleads my youngest aunt due to their common Durgapur property and home connections. I have never been to Tumpi’s house ever, Tumpi and Aparna Ghosal have never visited me actually or my house since 2009 (not even after and as my mother had passed away)when Aparna stopped taking private tution from me at my home(she was in class 4 then and now in High school).

Whatever it is, I won’t marry Vasudev Poojari or anyone in his/their vicinity. I do not want the mentioned culprits i)Vasudev Poojari, ii)Asit Satapathy(Native Orissa, works with Syntel Ltd.,Pune,stays at Jagtap diary) iii)Soumojyoti Mitra(Native Uttarpara, works with Indiahikes, Bangalore) iv)Chirag Amar Singh Shakya(Native: Mainpuri, works with Indiahikes) to meet me or my family, relatives, colleagues, acquaintances, etc ever.

Roopkund was a vast trek. However, Nandagunti was a distant small ice-capped peak visible from Lohajung. Soumojyoti Mitra, trek co-ordinator at Lohajung base camp in Roopkund when I trekked there in June 2014 used to show that peak only to everyone. When my paternal aunt Nanda died in few month after my mother died in 2014, I suspected Soumojyoti as her dead body was found inside her home lying at ground and I still doubt where Soumojyoti, Chirag, Vasu, Asit was: – i) on that day, ii) On 20-21st July when my mother died and in January 2017 too when another distant relative Bipul died I heard later. I have almost 300 pictures from Roopkund trek but not even a single picture of Soumojyoti and now I wonder why so as I look back to analyse how rigourously I have lost in my life since I went to Roopkund.

Soumojyoti, Vasudev, Shweta BN had visited Unitech SEZ of Cognizant and within the office SEZ what they cooked since 2014 till March 2015 I have little idea but I know my work life was in stress due to them and one day I had quit job in Cognizant in March 2015 due to these.

Vasudev and them are maniac about 29th day of any month or anything around 29 as 29th March 2013 was my last working day in Syntel  Ltd. And some of them are maniac about me and mostly about my name.

May there be punishment for the guilty.

Three week down the line in June 2017, Alpana never tried to know or take care though I fell ill due to her torture.

An easy way out for me according to me is so far I have a mind that I won’t go to the gym to avoid Alpana primarily. However, this is a small world and dispute really needs to be solved.

Latest doubts: –





Few things are certain, some of the given names have made their living as they managed to exploit me and related.Soumojyoti Mitra is a desperate sucker who had done home work before my Roopkund trek I believe to become a parasite which had become difficult later then he tried his luck with another daughter of Chittaranjan Aparna Ghosal. I have said, written so much against Soumojyoti’s desperateness to rope in women around my vicinity however he is stubborn and focussed in this target. Soumojyoti doesn’t mingles much with other trekkers or their friends and folks from Roopkund/IH,etc so I doubt his intentions. Most horrible doubt is Soumojyoti’s continuous criminal type visits to me or around and related without any direct commination ever and no interraction with me even when around mostly caught randomly as he spies me. Since 2014 till now, me and my neighbourhood are surely endangered due to these unpleasant hooliganism.

Vasudev Poojari is a wicked man. I am pissed off as he have desperately reached out to my acquaintances from family,friends,school,college,Indiahikes,Cognizant,etc.Vasudev is actually too active to ruin my entire social life,etc.Vasudev has not interracted with me since 2014 after he threatened me and had/have never introduced or let his family, some Syntel colleagues, school,college, etc to interract with me and I had/have not done so as I desired so.

When Vasudev actually speaked up in 2014 that he did not want to get into any personal committment with me then why did/does he nags around me even where Vodafone signal cannot reach. Vasudev Poojari have not committed to any other girl yet and/or married and still tries his luck every time to pile on me to get industry relation benefits from Chittaranjan and others as he is not an able independent resource to take of his hikes at his job in Syntel Ltd. Truth is Vasudev had done B.SC and was deep in his heart maniac to destroy career of engineers mostly women employees and/or candidates.And Yes, given Vasudev/they continues his/their criminal patterns, it is crystal clear that he never spies me for good and in anytime any explanation like he wanted to get me recruited/involved in Syntel Ltd. does not hold true given the truth that I am unemployed since April 2015 due to Vasudev and his friends in other IT companies mostly in Mumbai or in Kolkata.
The way this has been specifically since 2014 it is doubtful that Vasudev does this sorts probably to hide his criminal history and tends to commit more crimes to defend previous ones.Every time I get into resolution to not to dig past these con men pops up in real to trouble me.

Vasudev is known to smokes weed regularly, not digging much his other bad habits.And gallons of liquor stocked at his home heard where he stays with his family in Mumbai possibly his bar stock(known AER) for business hence excessive alcohol drinking habit probably which is why he goes to office very late in the morning even in general shifts. Weeds are known to reduce normal functioning of brain.
Syntel Ltd. had/have never sent Vasudev Poojari, Asit Satapathy, Sandhya Thakur, etc to spy me and/or trouble me.This was totally about personal grudge nourishment of those as I got to know that Vasudev dated Sandhya when I was in Navi Mumbai. Vasudev had gone to a personal bachelor’s trip alone to Bangkok, Malyasia,etc alone for 3-4 day and heard to have sown his wild sex appeal in casino and hotel beds with rented local prostitutes.Sandhya Thakur had some business connections in that area so the desperateness suddenly to date Sandhya Thakur way back in Mumbai/navi Mumbai in 2015 when I was there was well understood.Vasudev lacks self-control and loses temper due to sex-deprivation often.

Vasudev had bad plans for me personally too. He had made quite some effort to manage to make some Bengalee friends for his safety and like he previously did so to other Synteller women employees, Vasudev had thought he would puzzle me by troubling like hell which he does till date specifically since 2014 and then try to rebond with me by forcing an arranged marriage of mine with one of his Bengalee friends possibly Abhishek Guha/Arustu Chattopadhyay/Satadeep Chakraborty,etc.This did not work well and hence he makes bolder steps to target my family and school, college friends – not digging much – which is why I say Vasudev is absolutely criminal minded.This is no cooked up story for I knew Vasu had blocked Sangeeta Lokhande from his facebook for 2year, troubled her at work and home, made sure her personal love interests was severred and then had made a sudden entry back in Sangeeta’s life after 2yr and made possible Sangeeta and Krish’s forced marriage so far I knew.

I would say Asit and Vasudev are bit mentally ill and would suggest them psychiatrist consultation.

Vasudev is almost a dummy spouse to his former love Sangeeta Lokhande who married Vasu’s friend on Vasu’s request and while her husband is out of the country for long-term onsite work Vasudev continues to be her dummy spouse and tends to intend to hit on Shweta Tare to marry possibly if at all. This was their living in Mumbai until they got caught on the passion to spy me, trouble and reach out to my acquaintances specifically out of Syntel Ltd. I had never introduced Vasudev Poojari to anyone in real on my own to my friends and folks or anyone out of Syntel Ltd. specifically not before my first rape attempt on 29th June 2014 in Delhi during daytime and whatever followed. Why I tell this is when I try to figure out actual reason why I was not referred for work or placed in Mumbai/Navi Mumbai since 2015.

Asit and Vasudev were/are definitely not good resources as they had failed to work with me when I left Syntel Ltd. in 2013, was not sound to retain me at work there then, till date not able to recruit me or refer me for work anywhere and/or they always had harmful intentions for my career and me.I would add the same for the rest of the mentioned names relate dto this.And off course, this is no tell tale only as Asit and Vasudev have wasted lots of resources and energy to spy and trouble me and could not fly to onshore locations on their own by now since long, in short since I left working with Syntel Ltd. in 2013, and/or could get higher ups so far and still keen to trouble me digging up a short span when I had got along with them at work which needs to stop.

I do not wish those miscreants mixes up with my other acquaintances, gets in touch with me and comes across in this criminal pattern in future anytime.

For the mentioned names specifically, Please do not trespass.Please do not be around me silently without any prior direct knowledge.

Please do not visit protected areas like Chittaranjan. Please stop being terror.

May God bless.

Given names are clearly not part of defense of any Nation. Civilians are not allowed to spy civilian(s). Harassment is illegal.To share information of victim/target to miscreants are illegal.


Please let us learn to behave well.


Yours honestly,

Moumita Adhikary.


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