Health monitor check for the week on 24th June 2017

By Moumita Adhikary.

As checked overweight three week ago, I had maintained an eating chart for last two week as follows : –


Image: Eating chart for a fortnight in June 2017.

Missed to take counts of solid and fluid snack counts in a day.


Image: Weight measured today is within range of +5Kg of right weight.

Weight regulation through last two week: i)Two week ago I was 61.7Kg which was overweight.

ii)Observed certain amazing weight loss of around 2Kg on intake of less diet and weight decrease below that too.

iii)However, weight gained again on almost balanced diet to give the final reading at the end of the fortnight today.

iv)Advanced study to lose weight had helped me to eat on an interval of two hour specifically for last fortnight.

Analysis : This was basically monitored status that clearly shows no breakfast for most of the days. Mostly due to late rising which is due to late sleep cycle during night.

Effects: i)No breakfast means tendency to eat more in later half of the day and to gain weight.

ii)Sleep hour late and related means anxiety and sadness that increases weight.

Reason: Previous eat and sleep bad habit or acquired bad lifestyle hour.

Workout: i)Free hand exercises ii)Walking iii)OM harmonics.

Side effects : No breakfast is not good to regulate blood sugar level throughout the day and hence bloop pressure and related.

Health guidelinespecifically for next week : i)To eat breakfast.

ii)To not skip meals.

iii)To consume adequate fluids.

Happy day!


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