Why I write in July 2017 about my Roopkund trek done in 2014 with Indiahikes?

Why I write in July 2017 about my Roopkund trek done in 2014 with Indiahikes?

Written by Moumita Adhikary.

I mourn a while my losses since I trekked Roopkund in 2014 as I resurrect and sit back at home today.

My Roopkund trek day schedule – 21st June 2014 till 28th June 2014, Lohajung base camp to Lohajung.

I was a solo trekker from Kolkata then for Roopkund with prior online bookings for Roopkund with Indiahikes as usual like my previous two treks with Indiahikes by June 2014. Apart from the fact that for Roopkund, I was in touch with Dinesh ji(IH) prior to my trek booking and others.

Why I trekked Roopkund?

  • To continue my usual habit by then and knack to trek mountain and the beautiful Himalayas.
  • Roopkund was known as a beautiful and all on a trek viz. mountain, jungle, snow, water,etc.

Why I chose Indiahikes ever?

  • Way back in 2012, Indiahikes trek schedules consisted of lesser number of day that was do-able with permissible bandwidth and leaves at office at a time. IH treks were less expensive and pocket-friendly in 2012. Otherwise, I liked some other trek organisations from Pune in 2012 however they had longer schedules so I wasn’t able to trek with them.
  • Online trek booking facility at Indiahikes for which I was comfortable as I did not require to go to Indiahikes office ever in Bangalore hence curtailed overheads and expenses starting from my end in 2012 at Pune.

Concerns on present day trek packages with Indiahikes?

  • Extra rest day at the end of any trek mostly at deserted base camp from locality and mountain, not too comfortable in terms of bandwidth and others specifically for a solo trekker.
  • Increased trek cost in few year.


  • To express what I had not shared yet on this.
  • To get rid of getting spied by Roopkund/IH folks specifically Soumojyoti Mitra, Chirag Amar Singh Shakya, etc since Roopkund and their interference with my other acquaintances, life, etc without my direct knowledge and consent.


  • Life is mess since my Roopkund, deaths followed in family, career almost dried up by now – no job, twice rape attempted, once murder attempted, even everyday life is a struggle to remain alive and handle harassment, fraud, abuse. Too much mental harassment incurred.
  • I disliked unprofessional/no-trekker treatment from Soumojyoti Mitra since day 1 as he spotted me as a Bengali all the way from West Bengal.
  • I disliked my backpack was checked by Soumojyoti Mitra(SJ) without my direct knowledge but I managed to find this out. My big backpack was carried by mule service.

I wouldn’t have mind if he had checked my backpack after he asked me,or in front of me and/or with my knowledge.

But off course, my backpack misguided him as I had planned for frauds, or any anticipated spy folk.

  • I disliked too much trek leader intern Chirag as he was yet to have patience as a trekker or anyone on the mountain side I think due to his previous work background from Software industry. Chirag had a very ill temper on petty things to multiple folks and towards mountain, trek, IH, me, etc. Chirag nags for almost everything, lack ability to understand other person’s end communicated, tells lies a lot hence definitely not reliable, hence room for improvement. Chirag lacked team skills with other IH interns, employees as I perceived as nobody came up to take care of him when he was injured uphill nearby Roopkund temple due to rock fall where he went almost alone with few(1-2) other male trekker who were endangered too. That extreme misbehaviour from Chirag I received as I had gone for acclimitization walk alone nearby one morning(in 100m) pissed me off like anything else could, Trek The Himalayas campsite, others had camped too side by IH so it was a huge insult to me.
  • Bharti ji from Mumbai, a stranger co-trekker did not complete Roopkund from Bhagwawasa for unknown reasons and later said openly at Lohajung that she would never go to Himalayas again with deep sadness. Bharti was a good aged woman, I liked her and I disliked such thing from a woman trekker at such an elderly age. I thought I could be happier if she ever treks Himalaya again further.
  • Irrelevant dig deep questions as I was a solo trekker. Inquisitors clearly gave impression they were less a traveller or trekker from inside.


  • My Roopkund trek was completed on my Lohajung arrival after trek way back in end of June 2014. I had written to IH as feedback that I would like to cherish good memories of Roopkund from my Cognizant office desk at Kolkata, I meant beautiful trek sites and good memories. But some at IH misread that and Chirag, SJ made my life next as a guineapig’s life as they continued to spy me, trouble me,my work, family, others which I hate because I never liked both of the guys ever even during my Roopkund trek. I am sure I never called up, written to,etc to SJ after my Roopkund and vice versa.
  • Any and all communications are much required to be direct due to so much mess by now from Indiahikes, Syntel Ltd. and related specifically who indulged into spy, trouble me.
  • Please do not spy.
  • Please do not abuse physically or mentally, cause harm.

Some other facts?

  • June 2014, my Cognizant colleague Kala Nilekantan who supposed to trek with me Roopkund told me before I went to Roopkund that she had a mad ex-boyfriend(didn’t mention name) who was a Synteller and used to trouble her a lot though he was at onsite probably US and Kala was in Kolkata.
  • I had sensed trouble early morning on 19th June 2014 at home, had shuffled my transport plan for airport from Kolkata house alone. Whatever, things were fine for then for me.
  • Sj used to spy,trouble me in Behala, office commute, Rajarhat-Unitech, not sure if Durgapur, Chittaranjan, Navi Mumbai, Manali and around in December 2015 during my trek expedition with another trek organisation other than Indiahikes, Stok kangri expedition and around in 2016, Kargil, others.
  • I shuffled my transport to Pune to visit Barnali in 2015 from my Navi Mumbai PG,Mansarovar as anticipated early morning hazard, rape attempt/rape due to hassles caused by SJ, and suspected Vasudev Poojari, their involvement. And other such unwritten instances.
  • I have never spoken to,met SJ after I left Lohajung on 28th June 2014 early morning. Same with Chirag but I used to talk to Chirag over phone, I remember every time mostly he called me up and I was least interested to get in touch after my mother’s death specifically.
  • Vasudev Poojari and I never connected through our mobile phones ever before I returned to Kolkata after Roopkund. Once Vasudev had done a prank call at my desk phone in Syntel Ltd. Pune office when he had come from Mumbai to Pune same office for a day, but did not tell his name and asked desk location of another guy who never seated in that building over phone so I had disconnected. This was then when he used to write time pass e-mails almost 100 a day and almost everyone else in our team would read those and almost common reply in 2011-2012. I knew Vasudev had chatted with min. 20-25 other women employees too within same office by then and mostly from same projects. Bulk, forward e-mail chains were not prohibited in Syntel Ltd. and everyone used to be in bcc. Vasudev had threatened me over phone after 2 month we started to connect through phone to ruin my career after he had blocked me on whatsapp, facebook and I never called him again yet and did not get his call ever. I had sent my cv to Vasudev in 2014, some day ago prior to this threat call for referral in Syntel insider employee referral portal ‘mitr’ to hire candidates as I had wished to join Syntel Ltd. in Mumbai then. Vasudev was a known gun holder since 2000 but on the contrary he had threatened he would make my police complaint and I was silent as he shout louded a lot as I knew he wanted to do that for any petty or cooked up reason to accomplish his ultimate goal to tarnish my career forever possibly with his anticipated motto to make his housewife(which I would never be otherwise) through arranged marriage(I am dead against arranged marriage forever specially for me) as he didn’t like his wife to be a working woman ever only to dominate at home as he dreamt and wished for. I started to complaint against Vasudev at least share grievance soon after he threatened me, 2014. I never dated Vasudev Poojari, never met him out of office apart from he spied me and few nuisances/sexual assault attempt latest in Valentine’s week in Feb. ‘17.
  • I was never invited to, have never been to Aparna Ghosal’s home ever yet.


I do not wish Vasu stays in touch with my non-Syntel Ltd. acquaintances specifically further despite of already too much disturbance he did to me.


  • Chirag told Seema and me over coffee after trek completion that his father and family did not wished he works in any trek industry with Indiahikes. But Chirag wanted to be a trek leader so he was there as an intern then. There was respect for him from me soon as he was doing what he wished and off course it takes a lot to come up after avoidance of objections at home.
  • Soumojyoti had taken me for granted and I could sense he had made up his mind that there was no requirement to interract with me at all from day 1 in Roopkund as he and I both were Bengalee.
  • I have never met Arjun, Sandhya, etc from Indihikes yet in person in real ever.
  • I am not too negatively biased about the trek organisation Indiahikes as I had chosen to trek with Indiahikes once on my own way back in 2012 and I knew I could ever trek the Himalayas then in 2012 due to Indiahikes. I am still positive about Indiahikes apart from rogues viz. SJ, Chirag, etc. I wondered how beautiful mountains I had trekked. I wish I could trek again with Indiahikes further.

Shared latest scribbles remembering Roopkund and I hope for the last time all such stuffs follows : –









I wish to move on with good enrichment only, assimilated in life from Roopkund and related. I do not wish to discuss further.


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