Health report status in first fortnight in July 2017

By Moumita Adhikary.

Self-monitored health report quick snapshots at a glance : –

SpO2 saturation content and BPM as follows : –


No abrupt variation of heart rate and BP observed unlike in two consecutive week in last fortnight in June 2017, followed by heart palpitation sensed on 31st May 2017 at Shape Up gym(I have audio recording) due to shout louding,panick generation,mental harassment, slapped on right cheek, thrown out of gym – received started on 29th May 2017 post my rape attempt on Valentine’s week in 2017 in St. No.1B, Chittaranjan to defend attackers(as attackers are white collar US returned wild brats, name – Vasudev Poojari from Syntel Ltd.,SDF109,Humana Service Fund team,Provider end,TowerI,Seepz/Louisville,Mumbai primarily, worked in healthcare project Humana Inc.). Latest complaint against Vasudev Poojari for sexual harassment shared with Syntel Ltd. on 4th July 2017 as Vasudev was found biking around my home on that afternoon as it was US holiday at office. No dispute settlement yet.

Anyways, step count during three day walk in 15 day as mentioned reading follows : –


Bar, line, pie charts shows step count stats for 15 day time : –


Line graph_step count


Body weight : –


Eating pattern chart monitored for the given fifteen day: –


Health looks normal to me. No unusual heart sensation in 15day.

Sleep cycle, skip breakfast remarkable in last five day which is no improvement on sadness.

Home workout regime undergone: Aerobics and resistance training alternate.

Possible remedy: Read book at night.

Caution: Prevention of anxiety generator, shot loud voice(s) abuse.

Happy day!


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