Tie dye T-Shirt

By Moumita Adhikary.

Tie dye a old white T-Shirt with natural food colour have been different with budget costing.

Following are the pictures of the tie dye process at home : –

1.A clean dry old white T-shirt taken for remake.


2.T-shirt folded in churning motion at centre.


3.Tie the curled t-shirt with rubber bands.


4.Two food colours chosen for colouring process.


5.Dry food colour powders mixed in water as desired, here little less concentrated and visibly pleasant colours in varied proportions estimated to create patterns on the t-shirt with colours.


6.Coloured water poured on tied t-shirt.


7.Wrapped and tied air tight in a plastic bag, layered and preserved in the same manner.


8.On the sixth day, the tied t-shirt taken out of plastic bags.


9.Next, the wet coloured t-shirt rinsed well with water in a bucket.


10.A pastel tie-dyed t-shirt is obtained and set for air dry.


Happy tie-dye time!


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