Shared as open letter too along with shared concern with Syntel Ltd.

To whom it may concern,


I caught Vasudev Poojari(Syntel Ltd. employee, Seepz,SDF109,Humana Inc.) this afternoon while he rode a black bike with a kid on back seat around my home in Chittaranjan, W.B.,India.He wore a raincoat.Didn’t interract, had come here without my consent and entered the protected area of Chittaranjan as a trespasser.Vasudev is not in good terms with me since late 2014 post he threatened me over phone last when we spoke. Till date we haven’t spoken or interracted yet and Vasudev acts like a criminal keen to rape, harass, kill me, previously attempted twice, last on Valentine’s week in 2017.

Today Vasudev stole my left foot grey sandal from staircase of our building as it was unlocked during daytime. Vasudev had stolen my inner garments, green wedges, pepper spray bottle, steel glass, green shrug, etc since 2015 when I was in a PG in Navi Mumbai which I had left to get rid of Vasudev Poojari and his bad alliances.

Today is Memorial day in US hence he managed to come down to Chittaranjan. I am sure Mumbai(BOM) and Kolkata(CCU) airport and his tickets will suffice proofs.


In my tenure with Syntel Ltd. I had never worked directly with Vasudev Poojari.


Once he wanted to date, marry me in 2011 which had failed as I had refused.

Since he threatened me in 2014, he along with his allies for bad work mostly US returned managed to throw me

out of job from Cognizant Technologies Solutions(who were former employees with Syntel Ltd. mostly with a motto to

make me a housewife to abandon my happiness to remain financially independent, travel,trek,trip,social life,dignity,etc.).Traces of rape/rape attempts found in roads and jungle, etc in Chittaranjan probably for domestic help, Vasudev suspected.


I do not wish to get spied by Vasudev Poojari and his alliances ever and be troubled further.I do not wish Vasudev ever mixes up with my acquaintances specifically out of Syntel Ltd. to stop harass me.


Vasudev nourishes grudge specifically on my Facebook and W.B. phone apart from me. My family, friends, etc are threatened and troubled too, some of my friends even look for work location transfers to get rid of Vasudev Poojari. My unemployment is related to these and negatively impacted by Vasudev Poojari. Not writing much, however, Vasudev Poojari is not a kid and almost finds loopholes of whatever I have not mentioned in prohibition or in opposition to whatever I say in general and commits crime and his silent visits are terror with even life threats.We all live in India today and has to abide by the Nation’s etiquette at least and yes, Vasudev Poojari is a Syntel Ltd. employee today.


I am well aware that Vasudev’s office desk is beside HR desk.

Please help.



Please do not spy,harass,ill treat,misbehave,misconduct,cause career ailment,cause miseries in my life me,phone,threaten,trouble me.


Thanks and regards,

Moumita Adhikary.


What I wrote to Vasudev and Syntel Ltd. HR Vinod Jose, Healthcare and careers team follows in continuation to earlier today: –
Whenever a Mumbai office is involved I am panicked. My ITRV yet pending. Am sure Vasudev Poojari is involved. Vasudev still reaches out to my neighbourhood specially Mrs. Amit Ghosal, Aparna Ghosal, etc in Chittaranjan and fetches my informations, same with my previous Shape-Up gym trainer Alpana Bhattacharya and those three specifically troubles me and that’s why I left gym.
Vasudev Poojari is a Synteller today.

I have let known your tantrum and trouble me to police however not yet a written complaint. I don’t care what job and how you are in Syntel Ltd., please stay in your limit, you are an ex-colleague today.
I will never marry any of Vasudev’s acquaintance.
Do not get in touch with Indiahikes, Cognizant, Chittaranjan, anyone and do not trouble me anymore.

I feel sorry I had to write again on this today.

Please behave and help.



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