Managed health care basics

By Moumita Adhikary.

Medical coding, billing, HIPAA, ICD-9 through ICD-10 transition, ICD-10 learning is an important part in basics of managed health care.

I went lucky to be able to undergo training on above mentioned essential topics in India. I did undergo my two month+ classroom training sessions in Kamothe, Navi Mumbai amidst first and second quarter in financial year 2015.

Successful training completion on this was a confidence boost for me by August 2015.

I was in two mind for next milestone ahead on this path of knowledge as I desired to become a CPCO certified professional instead of CPC certified medical coder. I had a rough planning since beginning to undertake CPCO certification exam in September 2015 in India which failed. I believed since start that not everyone has to be a CPC coder initially as there are mostly transition, enhancement, maintenance project in Indian IT market with lack of scope of medical coding from the scratch. Whereas, I anticipated possible requirement and scope of work in administration in the given domain so I thought to become a CPCO certified professional.

Those day in 2015, when I started to undergo training on the same, I was a non-salaried professional with risks.

Potential risk: If I would be able to work in health care domain again anytime.

Both CPC and CPCO certification are very expensive having exam fee 35K and above INR. Also, exam date for CPCO is rare, and test location, relevant training location too in India. CPC is already a tough certification known.

I am yet to take either CPC or CPCO exam or both by now.

Scope of work, costing, software project budget in any organisation I may get to work with next, learning and development bandwidth, turnover, revenue cycle improvement, durability are important parameters in learning plan metrics ahead.


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