My IELTS exam taken twice so far

By Moumita Adhikary.

IELTS is a test on English meant for General training,academic,self-assessment. IELTS is an expensive exam having test fees 10K+ INR.

Test includes four sections viz.:- i)Speaking ii)Listening iii)Reading iv)Writing.

Mostly test pattern involves two day schedule. Day 1 for Speaking test and Day 2 for rest of three modules at a stretch for four hour.

For me, I did not practise much speaking and listening regularly and little preparation for the rest of the two modules.

Both of my previous two IELTS I took in Kolkata location with similar test attempt commute in 2015 and 2016.

I had travelled 200Km+ for Speaking test on Day 1 for both IELTS. It was little shaky ambience on test location in a hotel room space with various stranger candidates for the same purpose. Both time, I almost forgot that I was going for a test due to longer travel. First time, I tried to look clean but became little dusty due to long travel to test venue. Second time, I tried to manage look confident with my red lipstick put but I was little tired. Today in 2017, as I postpone my plan for my next IELTS, I remember I talked about i)swimming ii)residential area iii)fashion. I had remained in hurry to go back home on both day 1 of my IELTS tests, which is another 200Km+.

On Day 2, I had reached test venue twice almost half-asleep after traversed 200Km+ again, and reached test venue almost in the beginning when there were almost  no other candidate around. It was huge crowd of around 500+ stranger candidates on Day 2 test venue, due to merge of candidates with IDP and BCL. This was absolutely contrary to real time scenario of population density of countries like US, Canada, UK, etc. where IELTS candidates aspire to go and possibly have been preparing for IELTS,etc. in anything close to isolation.

I expected higher score, however, landed up with IELTS test result having a score of 6.0 twice for different IELTS test arena viz. i)general training and ii)self-assessment.

IELTS test result review is not readily available option for all and I was not part of review in my last two IELTS tests.

I am yet to finalise another expensive IELTS test slot booking for me, even payment option is not convenient due to limited private bank option and credit card option of IDBI,ICICI,etc. However, I am sure, in India, IELTS test takers are numbered and that’s how I am confident about my previous two IELTS test taken.


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