My PMP certification on first attempt in August 2015

By Moumita Adhikary.

PMP certification is an expensive one for anyone who is not salaried due to non-reimbursement hence. However, there is a scope to balance reimbursement of PMP exam fee if candidate becomes a salaried professional in next three month and expected possibility of previous PMP exam fee reimbursement in learning in the given quarter which is though a tough scenario depends on software project budget costing and bandwidth available, may vary in different organisation.

I had already known a few who failed PMP in first attempt however passed in next attempts and reimbursement of PMP test fee was manageable by the salaried ones.

I was non-salaried since April 2015 post I left work with Cognizant Technologies Solutions. I had undergone and passed classroom training for PMP with Grey Campus in Mumbai, May 2015. This was during my three month+ paying guest stay in Mansarovar, Navi Mumbai since April 2015, day when I sought job there.

My first PMP exam attempt was in a prometric centre in Salt Lake,Kolkata, August 2015, from home at Chittaranjan,West Bengal. I did not prepare much at home for PMP exam however had known PMBOK concepts since my PMP training in May 2015. PMP test venue was chilling cold in hot summer day and I had travelled 200Km+ from home to test venue on test day with least time to have breakfast. It was a four hour test at a stretch.

I was shocked as I came out with an immediate test fail result print at hand soon after my PMP test submission was over. I had never failed an exam prior to that so I felt bad, doubted exam procedure and test centre as my PMP exam had started 30minute prior to exam schedule started at 12:30pm. I could not believe almost that I had failed a 40K INR exam out of pocket. Time when I understood I was hungry and angry and had my brunch. I decided to take any PMP exam next only if I become a salaried professional again, which is yet not a reality today contrary to my aspiration and expectation. I had to come back home with a heavy heart on that PMP test day.

I have been still positive towards PMBOK, as I aspired to work next in Mumbai region since not sure when however off course known since 2015 beginning.

Project management is not all about mere tests.

By now, I managed to enhance my project management knowledge through different arena.






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