How was my last walk-in interview with Syntel Ltd. in March 2015?

Written by Moumita Adhikary.

That was on a rushing Saturday in March 2015 in SP Infocity,Pune,Hadapsar deserted office at Syntel Ltd. I had travelled alone from Kolkata to Pune for that job interview started on a day before on Friday evening from Kolkata to Pune at SP Infocity on Saturday, a quick getaway next after job interview to Mumbai on the same afternoon and reach Kolkata back by Saturday evening. I still remember high conveyance amount I paid for that face-to-face job interview.

That job interview was initiated by HR from Mumbai Seepz office address given however given HR name was found left job so couldn’t reach out to her/them.

I had talked to one Sandhya Thakur(a former colleague with Humana Inc.,Healthcare domain,started from Humana Solar,Dental & CIS team) from Navi Mumbai Airoli office to confirm certain things from relevant HR folks prior to my flight booking from Kolkata to Pune for that job interview two day ago the interview date.

Job code was ‘PL’ for that position however, no mention of band if it was PL1/PL2/PL3 with Syntel Ltd.

I had worked earlier from SP Infocity office during my tenure with Syntel Ltd. My technical round had gone well on that interview day and there were numbered candidates(around 150). I was asked to leave for the day. I expected anything positive on that. I took  myriads of follow-up e-mail trails even with knowledge of some Syntel Ltd.-Humana Inc. Account insiders but I never got a job offer in real on that.

I used to work with Cognizant Technologies Solutions in Kolkata then. And I had not left job by then.




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