By Moumita Adhikary.

‘Divorce’ is an alarming/panicking term usually. However, for rotten marriage, divorce is a solution to part way for the rest of the life.

Some couple(s) fail to live in their marriage(s) after marriage. It is always best practise to part way, if at all, mutually. There is importance to understand the necessity of no-mud-fight to obtain divorce, also prevention of drainage of energy in  necessary.

Most of the married couple(s) do not wed with consent of people they seek help from to intensify dirty fight to obtain divorce. Also, in some cases, both of the married couple seeks divorce but chooses the tedious way  to fight legally against each other to obtain divorce and fail to do so due to wastage and lack of resources.

People end up becoming derived marriage counsellor(s) [mostly freelance] while a partner asks  for approval of mud flush to his/her  another  partner in their wedding.

A married couple who wants to have divorce between the two requires to stay apart during ‘separation’ period of six month under different roof  and can get divorced successfully in two year time including separation period of six month in case of mutual divorce.  And mutual divorce is not a tough deal with mutual goal to obtain divorce, consent of both of the married couple is required. Divorced man and woman are free from bond of their marriage. Married  couple(s) who do not do registry in their wedding, nowadays, are neither legal husband and wife nor can they obtain divorce when desired for if at all.

I am sure there is much about divorce apart from this, however, I prefer and would suggest mutual divorce to any married couple if at all my opinion is sought or anything like that.

Divorced individuals need to behave well, for divorce is not the end of the world. And not anyone else mostly, apart from the two of the divorced couple(s) were/are interested to dig deep a divorce/wedding.

Divorce is mostly resultant of unsuccessful marriage and there are no statistics behind it.

Fact is, almost 80% home are broken one  in the world and that’s a known stat.

To avoid/prevent divorce, unhappy marriage, it is important to understand that all weddings are not marriages. So it’s important to marry rather wed only.

Love may or may not be for everyone. Communal harmony is important is a wedding. It takes a lot to make a wedding a marriage or rather a happy marriage. Oppression towards the bride/wife/fiancée,etc requires to  be avoided and vice versa. Compulsion to  the bride and/or groom has to be abolished.

I prefer love marriage(s). When it comes to me, I am very much against arranged marriage. I believe consent of bride and the groom is essential in a wedding as both requires to stay in the marriage. Wedding is not another party for any bride or a groom probably like some people other than the two.

Happily ever after!


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