Had some good memories too before we entered Shape gym the evening last I went to gym. It was a Saturday, Indrani Chakraborty had called me up to come for extra-class and to come for a local trip plan on next day to Ganga boat club together from gym , we waited outside, gym trainer Alpana Bhattacharya came late. Inside gym, Alpana abused me tremendously verbally, didn’t ask me to go for trip, this had become usual almostregularly till Minakshi di would enter gym everyday little late than anyone else gym-mates.Tumpi,pikli were encircling us in bike several times, stared at me badly but did not speak up during we gym-mates waited outside for gym keys(found unavailable) and till Alpana came.
On Monday, May 29th 2017, I was already fearful as it was a 29th day and Vasudev->tumpi->alpana,etc were maniac about ’29′(29th March 2013 was my last working day with Syntel Ltd.,Pune), Alpana, Shyamoli abused me verbally tremendously on ‘sexuality’ topic,no-sms,no-facebook,no-phone mania derived,Alpana said she could throw me out of gym if she wish, her voice was on high pitch, Putul added, Indrani and others stayed mum. I told Alpana that I got headache, but she did not stop. Returned home, I got palpitating heart, talked least once/twice to gym owner Papui(R-Site) over phone, then was on medical rest from anxiety/violence. I have not gone to that gym till today, I mean left gym since then as Alpana did not apologise to me.I used stay home in the evening due to rain these 2 month by now mostly, now my home is attempted/actually getting broken, massacre in town,etc. Miscreants did not help me treat illness, only Papui kaku had offered medical help but I refused and had suggested him to talk to my father as I was ill and unable to talk much at a stretch. Alpana is desperate to show off her poweress as she hits local BDO office,police she boasts of.Alpana insulted my parent’s wedding,troubled relatives so I was upset.One thing new, I had known that Alpana used to nourish grudge on CLW,Chittaranjan as she had Hindustan Cables background(almost shutdown industry) and stays in Kalyangram.Alpana never invited me to her home. Alpana used to hit Shape up gym, swimming(Basanti institute),Pranayam-Muktamanch in morning,new honchos-my acquaitances stolen from Kolkata too,etc I mean Alpana was/is able to get in touch with almost 100+ people a day hence bad influenced folks to nourish her personal grudge.Alpana is an uncertified gym trainer,unskilled person hence she has got nothing professional with good/smooth/bad run of Hindustan Cables,CLW,etc but I never spoke to Alpana on this line only to make/maintain peace,harmony,mutual growth,women empowerment to some extent,etc.Alpana is not from Chittaranjan,and nourished grudge on me, recent damage so far in Chittaranjan, and related to me majorly.
HIDCO Asst. Director Subhash Nandy(Madhyamgram){acquainted to as strangers in train when I was travelling to a day trip to Shantiniketan with Leelavati Tadangi; co-passenger Subhash Nandy and his uncle(worked as Fireman) were going to Tarapith for kali puja for 2 day; from Sealdah,April 2014}[have 200Cr INR overheard,CPM man told]->Biplab Ghosh(CRJ,now Madhyamgram,works at Ericsson in New Town,AEC college)->Shyamal Majumdar(Known Shyamal paid Biplab’s AEC college fees,crj),etc suspected in massacre.
—>Alpana Bhattacharya(Children’s park,known since Jan. 2017,Shape up gym trainer),etc.
I did not took name or say much until dire requirement to survive, stop demolitio of my house.I am not in touch with Subhash Nandy.

My unintentional apologies for anticipated ego hurt caused.

Readiness for peace today with three things primarily: –
1.No arranged wedding please.
2.Stop violence,harassment,exploitation,extortion.
3.Respect women.Help ad let women work.
4.Please do not provoke anti-social activities viz.:torture,sms,phone,facebook,Net,etc usage,and/or in person, sexual harassment,mental harassment,kill,etc.
Live and let live.
Need to solve dispute. May there be peace. May God bless.


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