How am I today seven month post I was attempted rape by ex-colleague Synteller Vasudev Poojari(Humana – Service fund team,Tower I) on Valentine’s week 2017?

Rape attack location: St. No.-1B,R-site,Chittaranjan.

Shared concerns as I am not sure if Vasudev Poojari have lost his job yet with Syntel Ltd-Humana Inc. by now, Sdf109,seepz,andheri,mumbai,syntel ltd. post I wrote last to Vinod Jose. Didn’t hear anything good from Healthcare domain vertical HR Vinod Jose yet. My unemployment woos today.
In toto: I am pissed off as Vinod lied to me over last email trail that Vasudev is in US work location to defend him and now I am desperate for his job loss at least. This is so not done – I mean I did not beat Vasu that day during his verbal abuse on road and I ran away, which means there was/were no marks on his body of any fight or say rape attack to me and I declared that it was my miss that I did not hit him on road. Loss of morale. Pissed off as a rape attacker, B.Sc works as a ‘Project Manager’ with Syntel Ltd. and I am ashamed as I was attacked and jobless. Moreover, that Vasudev did not let me know that he was in my hometown Chittaranjan, no phone,facebook,sms,e-mail – perfect criminalism as I know Vasudev provokes that he and I die sooner and conflicts whether he leads or I which I do not want to let happen like some rotten South Indian movie script. There is no love angle but he is a playboy in Syntel Ltd., a Tulu,kannada native chap from Mysore.
You should know – shared concern.I almost lost my nerves as he approached my acquaintances and not sure how I am jobless since April 2015 almost forcefully. My last supervisor Sikha Ghanty with Cognizant was from Bangalore, Vasu’s elder sister-extended family in Bangalore too.Last I tried hard to move to another project within Cognizant viz. APAC/Australia/Japan clients in short say non-US but things went wrong, I looked for onsite roles at the earliest preferably in APAC. But I am too pissed off as I tried so hard but am jobless and I know Vasudev waited almost 2year troubling me till 2017 to get arranged married to me and make me his housewife but things were not like that in real as he was/is not my boyfriend and staying at home doesn’t mean I will do an arranged marriage, in fact, I think I am tired as I spoke so much on this that I do not want to marry an arranged wedding.

Vasudev have quite some bad allies which he made articulately mostly my acquaintances  viz. Asit Satapathy, Upendra Khatei, Amit-Tumpi-Aparna  Ghosal(Chittaranjan),etc.

And what I don’t say much these all mess is in and around my Roopkund trek with Indiahikes and mother’s death in 2014 which means it was an aim to tarnish my life the way I liked it to live and doom me.

Please do not spy, harass.

If I stop my blabber about Vasudev Poojari and his torments towards me and some else for a while, I couldn’t resist to let know that Tumpi/Romiya Bose-Aparna Ghosal had not attended my mother’s funeral,during those days in 2014 which raised doubts on both and found to intensify mysterious deaths in my family, my failures related as they housed Vasudev Poojari, Soumojyoti Mitra since 2015 or so anytime without my direct knowledge and consent in Chittaranjan hence, I hate both of them and say other sabotages related.To add to wooes, Amit Ghosal have always let happen mess happen due to Tumpi-Aparna Ghosal instead of adherence to discipline.I still horrify how an electrical fault related accident happened on Panchami function in Jhilpahari that could have ailed Amit’s job – and this was very much related to Soumojyoti’s nuisance so far I sniff. I had quit my job in Cognizant almost forcefully, Soumojyoti and Vasudev both have been involved in spying,uninvited visits, sabotage,nuisance,fraud,abuse,anti-social activities. So far I sniff Asit Satapathy is kingpin of sabotage related to Vasudev, Soumojyoti, Roopkund, deaths, unemployment, harassment, their egos are bigger than the Earth or what not sure. But off course, may be my feelings are not everything so as they say truth is stranger than fiction, so nothing personal almost.

Last attended session at Shape Up gym,S.P.East on 31st May 2017.Left to go hence as had fallen ill and was asked to leave mostly due to misbehaviour,misconduct of gym trainer Alpana Bhattacharya primarily(this was post sexual harassment on me in Valentine’s week at St. No.-1B,Chittaranjan by Vasudev Poojari-my ex-colleague from Syntel Ltd.-Mumbai-Mysore,etc).Nobody of given accused names did take care of me so it’s different to understand what exactly is ‘as if anyone cares’ as per Vasudev Poojari’s facebook profile.
House broken,almost entire Jhilpahari buildings,Chittaranjan.Several created troubles by Vasudev Poojari.


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