Proximity of previous workplace to work again with people

By Moumita Adhikary.

What is a workplace?

  • A workplace consists of people at work basically. Even automation needs human intervene.

It takes time and resources, trainings, learnings for people to get at work together.

So much is drained often to look up to team up, collaboration with organisation.

Input -> Business process -> Output.

Input -> Sink -> No output.

Case study: What do I do to earn my living?

->Say, today I seek job. For past few year I seek job since April 2015 till now by beginning of November 2017. How long? Imagine! – If this persists, I keep getting suggestions to update and look up to job portals viz.- naukri, monster, shine, timesjobs, etc and years roll on which is a big joke by now.

Ideally, as per stats, one person, an employee should spend 10% of his/her pay packet of salary to spend on learning to upgrade.

Case study of self:


Yes. I was not taken seriously for sure as a job seeker candidate turned 30 by now and is a single woman.

Did I smile?

Yes. So some of the lot thought in their own world of opinions that I would start up a family though I mention I am ready to join job immediately (though they forget the no-money reality and dire need to bear expenses of at least of self) so basically due to several thoughts without any direct communication with me or say consent, this was believed that I had spent years to become an engineer, to work to earn and not work to become a housewife(no earning) as I had/have no job during sabbatical when I desire(d) to resume full-time job again rather become a housewife almost more than a decade earlier without any requirement for relevant study for work while I never want(ed) to be a housewife. In short, a smile doesn’t mean a person can afford to not work on regular everyday full-time work to earn and can afford to work part-time for freelance and for the fun fill feel that one works. Everyone or say at least I need to work to earn for my own at least.

Are you nut?

->Some people are cynic who lives in India and thinks/fancies this is USA which is not true and so on.

How is workplace life?

->Employees start to earn as they work with an organisation, time when things are better rather no-earn-bread-butter day however, that’s also right time to understand census and economics, and stretch even in personal life as per ability to maintain work-life balance.

Work-life balance?

->There’s always a fine line. Need to prioritise. Priorities matters. People should learn to live not half-heartedly to regulate productivity  at work and else.

There’s no prototype of lifestyle of lives that has to be similar in toto, anyone who have such need to come out of that. Mostly, friends and folks learn together till say educational institutions however, after that life of say any two person may or may not be same. It’s never like one does study, gets to work, earns and has to have marry in certain time just like possibly some else in the similar merry-go-round did, raise a family to maintain certain social status may  be contrary to priorities and wishes of his/her own or in time possibly very soon after a (undesired) wedding. Multiplication of population is not all what mankind is meant for. Multiplication of happiness occurs with share, for e.g.-sharing of happiness together in a harvest festival say Thanksgiving which falls on fourth Thursday in a November which is on 23rd November in this year 2017.

Anyways, as the saying goes, “People before paper” –  Wendell Cherry. However, facts can be varied.

Coming to the point, an employee and/or a person needs to have a mindset to work together with people in the given resource pool, also to work again with people previously worked with ,connected to and so on.

There is need for at least bread and butter for everyone for rest of lives to earn and receive and that’s why people work for. So there has to be that much work to provide, not humane can actually live on freelance that too for free only. Work can be and has to be hassle-free to have a life if at all. There’s need to estimate properly to house certain number of people start till end apart from replacements with buffer pool. It takes genuine motive(s) and effort(s) to be able to partake to provide work allocation throughout a year to say one and thus to suffice to let one work for one whole year as per initial plan. Or else work is just fun with lack of provisions to provide actual work and remuneration to people, say employees for a certain time period.

Not a bulk of employees, people, candidate(s) can be bad at work year after year, lot of people and so on may be due to lack of fair management, system loopholes, quality downfall, security breach, improper contract sign-off in project management, failure to timeliness, lack of proper people management, etc.

There can be ‘n’ number of changes done at workplace, work, work pattern, requirements and deliverables and people need to learn to co-exist at any point of time at least at work if not personal too, or else personal buddies can even make great work pals too. Overall, there’s necessity to maintain balance – pay heed to anyone else’s priorities too (as much as possible under fair-weather management and/or say fair practises) so that that very anyone doesn’t need to seek anyone else but you to get his/her priorities heard, granted. If such is a practical scenario in any project, then who are the few top pay packet receivers year after year there – possibly is a head with malpractises for their own benefits only rather than mutual goals with his/her current organisation.

For example, ABC project in DEF company, has a new project manager each year with rated poor at year end inclusive and exclusive of ones eligible for appraisal cycle in a year hence plucked out. Reason being a cunning project lead who had become a promoted Business Analyst(BA) in a given year but worked as a Project Manager(PM); his/her background can be possibly employee was recruited as an analyst programmer and was promoted year after year and had adhered to that workplace only rather being a job hopper which can be a realtime scenario. While other truth can be possibly an appropriate BA(initially external to ABC project) couldn’t suit the role of a BA/Business system analyst(BSA) due to any promoted BA preferred within ABC project or transcended from ABC to PQR project and so on. So there is also requirement to match up with quality needs possibly, even quantity too.

In an end-to-end process, there is necessity to keep the supply chain flow regulated to run the business, show, life in short. Let us not keep pending others which may come back to us in some forms. The world is a vast creation, and there is room for everyone’s need and no competition. To indulge and to preserve for generations to come to the world.





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