What are retirement plans for IT folks?

Written by Moumita Adhikary.

With bottle-neck hustle and bustle of busy private IT organisations between work, no work, attrition,others. It’s important to plan retirement as well.

For me, way back in 2014, when I tried to plan for my after retirement day from work at IT to self-suffice my expenses regularly, it was sooner that I almost had to quit job by March ’15. Savings ended soon. However, that was not what I had thought for me rather a good salaried work life till 60year(if at all) and spend a quality retired life post as a 60year someone able to take care of at least my own expenses and family(if at all!) with early conscious retirement money yielding mode. Though to undergo a leap called sabbatical in India to quit previous job without another regular bountiful source of income is a proven jump downwards at least financially for me for at least 2.5year+ today, still a notion there can be change for good may be sooner or just another phase for one who have shared goals to ruin further.

There have/had been phases for sheer hypocricy to read opposites in real contrary to what’s written in digital platforms, telephonic harassment, also issues arised due to no heed to even shared, told,given priorities and preferences. Not digging dip much, respect no fraud-abuse-harassment please.

Anyways, with year end 2017 round the corner, it’s time for year end assessments and may there be room for shared goals.



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