2017 Year end review on my sexual harassment

By Moumita Adhikary.
















To adhere:-


Problems persistent :-

1.Miscreants along with actual rape attacker ex-colleague(primarily with Syntel Ltd.) Vasudev Poojari have a tendency to trouble, kill me and my father too (if my father disagrees to gang with miscreants to help to kill me).

2.Greedy opportunists viz. Alpana Bhattacharya, Vasudev Poojari, etc busy to create unending problems for me to nag and become repetitive though I left Shape up gym since 1st June 2017. Both involved in our Jhilpahari house demolition too initially soon after Alpana threw me out of gym, their murder plans for me,my father in Allahabad too, consistent problem to remain watchdogs, to get information about me-us, trouble anyone who helps me for good,even family,visitors at home,etc.

3.Miscreants’ dire hunger to continue spill on this mostly to ruin my career if at all ahead and sheer mania to oppose me in almost everything.

4.Miscreants’ are stubborn, not ready to give up disturbance to harass me with a motto to make their living out of my distress,damage,losses. Very maniac,personal and with ill motives to harm my personal life specifically love life-wedding if at all ahead.

5.Vasudev Poojari’s continued knack to trouble me with help from Asit Satapathy,Sandhya Thakur,Upendra Khatei,Mayuri Kaushik Singh,Sandeep Tekwani,Sonia Chetwani,Mrs. Amit Ghosal or Romiya Bose or Tumpi(Tumpi did or does brainwash to my  family to not to mingle with me and keep me isolated and doomed to failure even almost no help much received after rape-murder attempts) and related,Sangeeta Lokhande, Soumojyoti Mitra,Arjun Majumdar,etc. And Alpana’s tantrums to rise up on my exploitation with evil back-up of Shyamoli Hazra,Indrani Mukherjee, Putul Chakraborty from Shape-Up gym only(I had audio recording of 1hour+ when given names verbally abused me,mentally harassed me,did not stop as I felt ill and asked Alpana to stop her blabber).Alpana is a political hopper.Latest Alpana have become mad and tried to damage my reputation today,last few days again possibly to extract benefits for herself. Not in direct contact with me.

6.Vasudev Poojari used to work(s) in a BPO part-time apart from his full-time  employment with Syntel Limited(where he was a lateral entry and was a Project Manager with his work experience added of BPO).Vasudev had done his B.Sc from UGC.

7.Miscreants’ have a wicked notion to live well though they are rapists,murderes,criminals with good reputation by killing me which at least I cannot let happen with my consent. Even they  hope for my forced suicide after continuous torture over years specifically since Roopkund trek with Indiahikes started on 21st June 2014 where co-trekkers Abhishek Shirke,Kolekar family were Vasudev Poojari’s family friends from Mumbai but strangers to me, next my mother’s death soon, next Vasudev fallen in my ploy to self-investigate my mother’s suspicious death,my job loss,rape-murder attempted,career losses,personal losses,overall losses,etc.

General political views assimilated:

There was CPIM rule for 34year in West bengal.Somewhere a dire need for women to find shelter for anything good during decay of CPIM rule, hence born TMC-Kanyashree prakalpa-sabujsathi,etc.Problem is wicked dominant Left front men with help of evil women hopped to TMC to destroy any such shelter like Kanyashree,sabujsathi,etc.

Hence again dire need for original kanyashree,sabujsathi,etc.Thing is again need to get rid of evil,male dominance and oppression towards women.

Anyways, I am bit apolitical.

Possibly Vasudev Poojari used to nourish grudge on me as I refused to hangout with him out of office though he thought he proposed to me typing ‘Te Amo'(but just out of curiosity later I found that this was a Bollywood song lyrics and Vasu was a diehard fan of actor Bipasha Basu,etc) from his vasudev_poojari@syntelinc.com[used to seat(s) in beside HR cubicle,SDF109,Syntel Ltd.,Seepz,Andheri,Mumbai] to bulk bcc including me in 2011(this was almost forgotten till I tried to dig deep why I was attempted rape actually attempted murder first after I sent off Vasu’s family friends Bharti,Poonam Kolekar,ex-colleague Abhishek Shirke at Delhi railway station and was on my way alone towards airport hence in a hired Maruti Omni van,daytime,29th June 2014 also I doubted my mother’s pathetic suspicious death.)

Vasudev probably tried to execute his evil plans for me in real by the time I lived in Kolkata as he stalked my facebook,etc earlier till late 2014,he didn’t even have my phone number before that,by the way, Vasu probably wanted to make me his housewife through arranged marriage though he never spoke to me on that but he loves to live carefree so he made sure my ill mother be dead to soothe his fantasy.Next he targeted my key professional persons like previous technical recruiter like Asit Satapathy,etc to dry up work for me even in my the then organisation Cognizant.Vasu also tried to misuse Amit Goel against me through common colleagues in and Cognizant.Still wonderful why Amit Upadhyay(from north India) with e-mail ID amit.upadhyay@cognizant.com gave me Performance-Improvement-plan(PIP) at Cognizant,B1 building,Metlife Inc. client,Unitech,Rajarhat for lame excuses swipe mismatches,etc on the very same day when my father’s heart surgery was going near Chennai,South India and there were life risks too and I had not accepted unjustified PIP and had quit job as I sniffed Vasudev Poojari and his wide evil spread all around.
I don’t have a job still today.


Case study:

i)Vasudev Poojari, Pikli hence Tumpi and Aparna Ghosal,Alpana Bhattacharya have turned quite some of my acquaintances against me as they follow Vasudev,Alpana to bully me viz. silent therapy, anti-sms,phone movement,anti-work and earning,anti-privacy,anti-life,anti-personal life,anti-professional life,anti-facebook movement,similarly anti-other social connections movement viz.twitter,linked in,others.

Please do not disturb and stop harassment.

W.B. had ugly past already of gang rapes in Siuri background,hence bad behaviour from guys,girls from Siuri carries forward similar impression say for example, Faw’s mother(Siuri) and Rumki’s mother(Chittaranjan) are best friends from their Shantiniketan college days,Faw married mini’s once a dear friend Bawli,Rumki had love marriage with Roni who used to claim himself mini’s former lover/love and misbehaves undue accordingly to boss mini though no real romantic relationship,Faw gets it easy to disrespect mini through Roni. Firstly, Roni used to get huge empathy as he had an all and sundry known crush on Mini but Mini refused.Next Roni made a girlfriend Rumki earlier to who Roni used to cry tantrums on Rumki’s shoulder about Mini.Next Roni was on a fair spree during Poush mela in Shantiniketan,2006 when Roni thought he would ditch his girlfriend Rumki if Mini said Yes,Mini had a sharp tongue and stayed away afar while Roni mate with Rumki in a hotel room beside mela,Rumki’s college,hostel and this was so rollicking affair ever known in Mini’s small world.Faw’s mother had sent Faw to meet her best friend’s daughter Rumki for marriage in 2008 in Chittaranjan,such wedding didn’t happen. Rumki wed Roni.Faw wed Bawli. Mini didn’t take decisions in such weddings. Faw’s cousin tried to arranged wed Mini during Faw’s wedding which was discord to Mini,thankfully such a wedding never happened as Mini dislikes arranged marriages. Faw’s mother and Rumki’s mother seldom gives any room to watch soaps as they tries to keep busy through frequent hassles in life indirectly,directly.Unfortunately, some married folks are unable to accept their marital status and often loses temperament to accept reality by the time. Pikli misuses his charms to trouble mini,pin pricking through Rumki’s family,Roni is easy tool for him,etc.
Repeatedly I am accused as mad to defend my rape attacker Vasudev Poojari.Often I feel I have no friend hence.Anyways, I was never fond of mania of anything hypocrits considered friendship that was assumed to be attained through no professional bonding,and say personal too only camaraderie, rather allow me to say there is room to get along.

Sanjay Tayade(from Syntel Ltd.,Airoli) is over-oppressive behind Vasudev Poojari for being keen to no-personal life of colleagues or former ones and professionalism depends accordingly,he had ditched his girlfriend with break up of wedding plans finally by harassing that girl’s father and he often behaves brutally,involves too much people unnecessarily only to tarnish things. Pardon me for taking few names, for me I found any such interference very abusive, intolerable specially in my personal life; it’s my life.

Please behave well.

As they say ‘My attitude depends upon your behaviour’.

Please let us live and let live. Give respect to get respect.

ii)Some are maniac about Valentine’s day! Probably past heartaches let cause spreaded jilted jittery on any special romantic occassion if at all causing hurt,woos in personal lives of other people around and afar.There is always scope to heal self or say enjoy one’s own personal life and reduce refuge and propagation of negativity.
Or say giving little room to have some personal space doesn’t mean one do have any actual personal life.
Whatever, at least, may there be peace.
iii)In an organisation,institution there is always scope of improvement in organizational behaviour where sometimes greenhorn workforce learns communication patterns say for example in some training material from Wipro Ltd. that states ‘to have not very close friendship with a colleague, also to bond well to work’. Relationships are uncountable, proposed improvement plan in organizational behaviour could be to become free from need to hardpress self’s emotional quotient to increase productivity and have happy workforce and possibly a genuine reason to increase work long term with same organisation with mutual goals.
iv)There is always room for human resources cell to do just to their work role in any organisation by lending ear to any transfer request of any employee or anything of the sort and try to provide according to genuine intention to retain and balanced allocation, rather imposing ego to fight back any such demand,need,request and refusal despite of actual availability of provisions.




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