My woos today about Vasudev Poojari

Written by Moumita Adhikary.

Vasudev Poojari from Syntel Ltd., Seepz,Mumbai/Louisville,Humana Inc.-Healthcare,Service fund team, native Mysore made ugly efforts to spoil my entire entity, being. First he spoiled my previous job, work life, made sure I get no further job through his wide evil net. Next he made sincere efforts to ruin my everyday existence even, reached out to my neighbourhood, current place. He made sure to infect mob specifically women before and  after he attempted rape on me in  Valentine’s week in 2017.

I am fed up by now as he is persistant to trouble me and my life. He is still in touch with people around me and I have let police know this mess since 2014 when he threatened me over phone.

He had fun with my previous trainer so far I know in personal vacation. Post that, my previous gym trainer Alpana Bhattacharya was desperate to insult me, torture me, question my parent’s wedding ever and threw me out of Shape Up gym in Chittaranjan.

I was keen to not to get in touch with Alpana Bhattacharya however, though I left gym from very next day since 1st June 2017, Alpana still makes sure she is the talk wherever I go though I do not wish to talk about  her or go to gym as she did not apologise to me. She often troubles me ganging up with men in authority. Same with Aparna, Tumpi Ghosal.

I couldn’t file my ITR too as these 3 women specifically leaks information to Vasudev Poojari, Soumojyoti Mitra, Arjun Majumdar(Indiahikes, office at Bangalore). I never got to introduce them to each other.

I had complained Alpana several time in gym on this but she ignored so am opinioned that she has a lousy character. Am still not sure of Alpana’s Mysore trip last winter but I hear rollicking stories with names of men given.

On May29 thru May 31st 2017, Alpana, Shyamoli, Putul were desperate to insult me and trouble me and they practise too that they troubles me on usage of facebook, phone, sms. They harassed me for sexuality related to my rape attempt off course, insulted my intellectual properties, etc.

31st July 2017 – I went to a nearby temple for Monday Shiv puja on Shravan month but they did not take my puja – no puspanjali – sabotage derived by Alpana, Aparna, Tumpi ghosal. Related to my rape attempt.

Alpana is unmarried and 50year+, little more aged than my dead mother today.I sense she used to hit on my father(without wife) during gym hour with least interest to respect and mingle with me intensely for last some month hence things were/are not well between Alpana and me for several reasons. And Yes, the biggest reason Alpana interfered so much in my life apart from being a dedicated gym trainer at all.Alpana used to/does pressure tactics to me by not talking to me at all however she reaches out to our relatives, acquaintances, authority(unnecessary hassles) and off course I sense her desperation to jump on my father.And/or I could say I am little possessive about my single parent today.

Today, a small girl came to me for help for her grandfather’s cancer treatment and I had nothing to help her actually and I told her that my mother passed away, next my job was gone and now I would like to die sooner so I was not sorry for any anticipated death of her grandfather with my present day scenario and derived wish. Anyways, sadness apart, I have decided if after the complaint on this yesterday with Syntel Ltd., those three women comes up to trouble me at my home too, I think I will go for ‘Chaki-belan’ and the one of the pair of sandal which Vasudev left at my shoe space when he stole my left foot sandal from my home on 4th July 2017. Because I do not get help much as mostly given miscreants already managed to trouble me in my extended family, relatives too and most of them sees Ghosals regularly but not me, etc.

I hope and pray that Alpana, Shyamoli, Indrani, Putul, Aparna, Tumpi do not stay in touch with my acquaintances specifically Indiahikes, Syntel Ltd., Cognizant, YHA and others without my direct knowledge and/or anytime at all to simplifly problems and solve to not to trouble me hence, also same with my family, relatives, friends, neighbourhood, others.
Also more mess around some names viz. 1.Vasudev Poojari 2.Asit Satapathy 3.Soumojyoti Mitra 4.Arjun Majumdar, Okay, I cannot write each name for now on this.






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