On and around 22nd July 2014

My mother Smt. Kabita Adhikari’s dead body was brought to home in the morning around 10am in a day from Mission Hospital, Durgapur. The dead body was fully covered with white cloth, only face was visible. Was surprised to find that the dead body’s feet were covered so tight with white cloth wrap that it couldn’t be uncovered, face was red and lips were very cold.

The dead body was kept in the room in the house adjacent to the sleek corridor.

My mother was Diabetic and had weak heart. She used to not to take food and medicines properly since 2008-2009.

Hindu ritual is once heard about death news of family, to not to take any food and drink till cremation. Also to not witness cremation of the dead body by women.

Soon the dead body was taken out of home for cremation. My paternal aunt Nanda and one of her in laws female relative only stayed at home with me during cremation hour.

Deepest sadness as Nanda passed away in next few month in 2014 and husband of our that woman relative passed away in early 2017.

I had left my the then job full-time in March 2015 almost forcefully due to troubles. As if struggling still to get job which is absurd and I don’t believe in such a struggle now. My father had undergone heart surgery to place pacemaker in March 2015, during days when I left job. I feel bad my father cried when he heard me leaving job over phone lying in ICU in hospital.

Deep sorrows as incurred severe personal as well as professional losses.

May there be relief from bereavement and peace.


Yours truly,

Moumita Adhikary.


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